Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quarries, Women in the Wild

What lies deep inside you?  Is it something like marble...strong, solid, reliable, able to make a good base?  Or is it mud and sediment...worthless and soupy?  Push yourself past the limits that have been self set, and you'll find out just what lies at the bottom of your psyche.  Today we have a gem that may remind some of "Southern Comfort" or "Black Rock."  The comparison to those films may be a fair one, but the character study in 2016's "Quarries" stands on it's own, and will come across as brutal and satisfying.
Kat (Nicole Marie Johnson, who also co-wrote this film) is beautiful, vulnerable, desperate, and weak...or so it appears.  After prying herself away from an abusive boyfriend, she arrives at a two week wilderness hike.  Jean (Sara Mornell) and Joy (JoyMcElveen) will lead several ladies, all unskilled and ill-equipped for the trek which is designed to build internal strength and an appreciation for nature.  Uh oh, forest fires force our ladies to take a detour (haven't they ever seen a slasher film?).  Yep, you guessed it!  The detour brings them into the hunting ground of a psycho group of hunters who love hunting down, torturing, and killing humans...especially women city-folk.
As the most capable of the group fall, diminutive Kat must step up...but does she have what it takes? Her task will be a daunting one as her cohorts are hardly mountain women.  In fact, Wren (Carrie Finklea) is an addict battling withdrawal.  All out war ensues, and our surviving women reach down and find something in themselves that they had no idea existed.  Is this enough to prevail from the onslaught of insaniacs equipped with shotguns, knives, and a keen sense of the woods and terrain?
Not all of our heroines will survive, and the kills will be bloody and heartbreaking.  The emergence of Kat as a strong leader is the strength of this film and perhaps a lesson to all who have been victimized and lost all confidence.  "Quarries" works as a horror story and an important work about finding strength we never knew we had.  Not the feel good film of 2017, "Quarries" (directed by Nils Taylor) is gritty, gory, and exciting.  For more information on this film, explore the below listed links.
Quarries Website

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  1. Enjoyed the review! The synopsis kind of reminds me of The Descent