Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Women's Prison Massacre, Emanuelle Behind Bars

A true Italian classic exploitation film from Bruno Mattei is our feature today.  Gracing the screen in the 1970s into the early 1980s was Emannuelle.  She was everyone's favorite liberated nymphomaniac, having carnal relations with everyone (male and female) while jaunting around the globe.  In 1983's "Women's Prison Massacre" (aka "Emanuelle Escapes From Hell") Laura Gemser stars as our beauty, incarcerated with lesbian prisoners, guards, and warden.
Investigative reporter Emanuelle is thrown into prison after getting too close to uncovering a dirty district attorney.  As our film begins she gets into a cat-fight with fellow inmate, Albina (Ursula Flores).  Her rival is a bully and bent on controlling the inmates through fear and brutality.  Emanuelle and her clash and engage in more cat-fights as the warden tries to get Albina to kill our protagonist.  Uh-oh, four psychos are temporarily sent to this women's prison, led by Crazy Boy (Gabriele Tinti).  They immediately overpower the women guards and warden, either killing them or raping them.  Albina strikes a deal with the quartet, which puts Emanuelle in their cross-hairs.
In the midst of gratuitous shower scenes, Emanuelle is forced to care for a wounded hostage, a cop As our psychos go through our female prisoners like crap through a goose, Emanuelle's friend decides to sacrifice herself for the cause.  Laura (Maria Romano) shoves a razor blade up her [CENSORED} and seduces one of the psychos.  Unfortunately for her, he is into necrophilia and kills Laura before the deed.  Unfortunately for him, his intimacy with Laura's corpse spells castration and much blood loss.  After raping Emanuelle and forcing her to play Russian Roulette, Crazy Boy makes Emanuelle a hostage for his getaway.  Does Emanuelle have a plan for defeating her tormentor?  Will Crazy Boy also be castrated?  
Ms. Gemser is exotic and mysterious in the title role.  Emanuelle films are exploitation and not afraid to push the envelope.  Being set in a women's prison, you can imagine the content of many of the sex scenes.  In the guilty pleasure department, a sexploitation film from Italy, enjoy "Women's Prison Massacre."


  1. Hot, wet women in prison, pain, corruption, murder, blood, razors, shivs, sex, Italy, and lady OZ...what's not to adore...well, the necro thing for one.

  2. Violence, rape, necrophila..yum! Everything you could wish for! A cool, succinct review Chris!

  3. One of my favorite exploitation flicks of all time, it's an absolute trashy hoot from start to finish, Thanks for the review :)