Monday, October 12, 2015

The Haunted Sea, Spirited Rip-Off of Death Ship

Perhaps a rip-off of the 1980's classic with George Kennedy, "Death Ship" ( ), 1997's "The Haunted Sea" is a good one.  A derelict freighter with no crew aboard, a mysterious cargo, an ancient Aztec monster, and two babes with machine guns in peril are all elements that make our film today worth watching. A big name cast including James Brolin, Joanna Pacula, and Krista Allen (Baywatch) enhance this film even though it is reminiscent of either a drive-in or a straight-to-DVD release.
The crew of the Patna, captained by Ramsey (Brolin) comes across a derelict freighter. With a salvage commission in mind, a boarding party is sent to this ghost ship to investigate.  Medina (Allen) the beautiful 2nd Mate looks more like an NFL cheerleader than an old salt is quite the contrast from the salty 1st Mate Bergren (Pacula), and both are sent to investigate with other crew members (monster bait).  A couple of minutes into the film, a gratuitous shower scene featuring Medina captures our attention.  Oh yes, Medina begins having visions that she was a sacrificial virgin to an old Aztec each of these visions she is nude.  Remnants of a torn up crew and a cargo of artifacts from the Aztec empire are found.  After a crew member touches a statue of an old god, he turns into a monster and begins shredding other crew members.
As the monster continues to eat the salvage crew, Medina and Bergren find machine guns and explosives.  Because of her visions, Medina is able to explain what they're up against and the two women formulate a plan.  Now on the run, as the bullets seem to have no effect on our fiend, the two beauties must act fast.  Meanwhile, on the Patna, Cpt. Ramsey and the remaining crew are mystified that the derelict vessel has seemed to have vanished.  
Will our mates defeat the monster and send the haunted treasure to the bottom of the sea?  Will we be witness to a cat-fight between these two rivals for the next promotion to Captain?  Available on YouTube, tune in for the answers to these important questions.  Both Ms. Allen and Ms. Pacula do a fine job and present a neat contrast as they team up to fight the Aztec monster.


  1. I actually saw this monstrosity. Despite the fine two babes and nudity, it's as forgettable as they come. It's also a huge waste of valuable "doing nothing well" time. Chris, you're way too kind in calling it a B Movie

  2. U eat 1 crew gotta eat anudder!