Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brainiac, No One Ever Expects the Mexican Inquisition...

From Mexico comes a nifty horror story containing a cool monster and lots of beautiful senoritas in much peril.  1962's "Brainiac" (aka "El Baron del Terror") is our feature today. Abel Salazar has the title role, and he also produced this work.  Senor Salazar is no stranger to playing a monster, as he was the vampire in "The Vampire's Coffin," also a Mexican horror story. Just like the aforementioned vampire tale, this one is a classic plot strengthened by some neat performances, special effects, and muchas chicas bonitas.
In 1661, the Mexican Inquisition burned Baron Vitelius d' Estera at the stake for the crimes of necromancing, withcraft, heresy, and seducing women (married or not). To the credit of the Inquisitors, the Baron was indeed guilty.  Upon his death by fire, the Baron swore to return in 300 years in order to kill the descendants of the Inquisitors and end their blood lines.  Oh yes, a mysterious comet appears in the skies above the execution site.  300 years in the future, the same comet returns and releases an asteroid that crashes into Mexico City.  Out of the debris walks a monster who quickly transforms into the Baron. The monster feeds on brains, usually of beautiful women.  To do this, he transforms into a monster and sticks his tongue through the victim's skull and sucks out the gray matter.
The Baron then begins his task and tracks down several of the descendants. If they're female, he seduces them before doing the dirty deed.  In some quite heartbreaking scenes, he disperses his carnage all over the city.  In one horrific and erotic scene, he bursts into the honeymoon suite and drains a beautiful bride, who is clad in wedding night lingerie, of brain fluid after murdering her new groom.  Uh oh, the beautiful Victoria (Ariadna Welter), an astronomer wannabe, is also a descendant. To make matters more complicated, the Baron has fallen in love with Victoria.  To make matters doubly complicated, Victoria's modern day BF is the descendant of the only witness who testified to the Baron's innocence in 1661.  Now the Baron/monster must decide whether to kill or abduct Victoria.  This will put him at odds with Reynoldo, the descendant of his only friend.
With an appetite for the lovelies, our monster/Baron possesses the most deadly tongue in movie history.  Will the voluptuous Victoria survive the Baron?  Will the Baron's tongue be cut down to size? Tons of fun, and some good old fashioned damsels in peril scenes highlight this horror story.  Available on Netflix, treat yourself to a very noir Mexican classic.

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