Friday, September 4, 2015

The Diabolical Doctor Z, The Subduing of Miss Death

Estella Blain, a sultry Parisian actress, had a modest film career spanning almost 30 years.  After her divorce, she drove to a beautiful beach and blew her brains out at the age of 52.  I'm sure her life could be a fantastic book or movie, but today we will look at one of her most erotic roles...Miss Death in Jesse Franco's "The Diabolical Doctor Z," from 1966.  Originally titled "Miss Muerta," giving Ms. Blain the title role, "The Diabolical Doctor Z," a joint France/Spain venture, is heavy on the eroticism, and some classic Euro-horror.
Psycho and sexy mad-scientist, Irma Zimmer (Mabel Karr), takes over her dad's experiments after he dies pleading with fellow neurologists to allow him to experiment on humans.  His colleagues are aghast...and unaware that he has already undertaken this macabre course of action.  Dr. Z charges Irma to continue the experiments.  Irma....more mad than dad...agrees, but not before taking vengeance on the neurologists she blames for her father's death.  Her diabolical plan?  Fake her own death.  She does this by picking up a babe from Holland, taking her for a swim, and running her down clad in a bikini.  She burns the dead beauty, fixing it so the authorities believe Irma is the corpse.  Next, find a seductress.  Not as hard as you would think.  Irma's wannabe BF takes her to see an exotic dancer, Miss Death...or Nadia (Blain).  Her act captivates both Irma and her BF.  Nadia dresses in a body-suit and acts as a spider in a web to ensnare her conquest.  One of her body-suits has an arachnid emanating from her {CENSORED}.
The beautiful Irma abducts the all too trusting Nadia...who has stolen Irma's BF.  With her mind control device, she turns the erotic dancer into a killing machine.  Unable to break Irma's spell over her, the now drone Nadia is sent to seduce...then murder the aforementioned neurologists.  As she attempts to regain self-control, Irma imprisons her, whips her, and administers more treatments.  Uh oh....Scotland Yard is hardly inept and begin to close in on this series of murders.  As our seductress struggles more, Irma begins a plan to incinerate her.  Will Nadia be able to break the spell and cease her murders?  Will Irma realize that she enjoys whipping Nadia too much to just kill her? 
Ms. Blain's Nadia, however alluring she was to Irma, will surely seduce you.  From erotic goddess, able to snare men (...and probably women), Nadia is turned into a submissive drone...a mere tool for the evil Irma.  Her spider performance is quite memorable, and we pull for her to shake the figurative chains that Irma has bound her with.  This hard to find film may only be available on DVD, but perhaps, someday, will be picked up by Netflix. 


  1. I continue to rely on Dr Z to sit thru movies that are an odd fascination!

  2. As always, a fascinating and intriguing review...a weirdly seductive narrative!