Monday, September 28, 2015

Soulmate, Love and Death in Wales

As Halloween approaches, let us delve into a classic type of ghost story.  When romance mixes with horror the risks are numerable.  Will horror fans be turned off as relationship issues begin to dominate? Will romance fans turn it off if a suave ghost starts acting like a character in a horror movie?  Find out by tuning into 2013's "Soulmate," filmed beautifully in Wales.  One may be reminded of the film (.not TV show) "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" with Rex Harrison.  A fair comparison, but a word of warning for romance fans.....this does turn into a horror tale, as opposed to "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" which starts out a horror tale and moves into to the love story genre.
Audrey (Anna Walton), a beautiful violinist, attempts suicide as the film begins.  She cannot get over the sadness and grief of losing her husband in a car crash.  She is saved, her wrists bandaged, and runs off to the country for some solitude and deep thought.  She rents an old cottage and almost immediately starts hearing noises emanating from a room which has been locked up for 30 years.  Her grief continues to eat at her.  Her landlords, Theresa (Tanya Myers) and Dr. Zellaby (Nick Brimble) are disturbed to find out Audrey is hearing noises.  The noises get louder and more pronounced and when Audrey tells them to go away, a spirit manifests.  Enter Douglas (Tom Wisdom)...resident ghost.  To his surprise, Audrey can see him.  The two develop a relationship as it appears Douglas is the only one who can understand her.  As the two get closer, Douglas is able to become more tangible.  Eventually, Douglas is able to move objects and touch Audrey.
With Douglas' inspiration, Audrey is able to pick up her violin again and regain her desire to live.  Uh oh....Theresa was sweet on Douglas 30 years ago when he committed suicide and she is jealous of Audrey.  Double uh-oh...Douglas wants to be with Audrey forever (...guess how that can happen).  Unfortunately for Douglas, her will to live is restored.  No spoilers here, but suffice it to say this turns into a horror film, leaving romance fans at the altar. Ms. Walton is terrific as the tortured and haunted protagonist. Axelle Carolyn directs masterfully.
Will the will to live win over the desires from beyond the grave? Can the dead ever be happy in a world ruled by the living?  Those of you who have relationships with ghosts may want to ask yourselves those questions.  Available on Netflix, watch "Soulmate" and treat yourself to a neat ghost tale.  

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