Saturday, September 12, 2015

Death Bed: The Bed that Eats, Shocking Gothic Horror

As we endure tumultuous times here in 2015, it is comforting to draw on the wisdom of a film that touches our heartstrings.  1977's "Death Bed: The Bed that Eats" speaks to all of us and satisfies our hidden....and perhaps taboo desires.  With the feel of a Gothic romance novel, this film inspires us to get out of bed and run!  This film is so powerful, it would be the only one ever written or directed by George Barry.
As our film opens, a young couple desiring pre-marital sex finds a four poster in the cellar of an abandoned mansion.  As they get down to their business, the bed consumes them.  Loud chomping noises can be heard and the acidic saliva of the bed dissolves their flesh.  Behind the wall is the ghost of an artist (Dave Marsh), who was consumed 70 years previous.  This artist tells the backstory.  The bed inflicted it's carnage in New York City, but after consuming thousands, including the mayor, it needed to escape the scrutiny.  Hence it ended up at a country mansion where delicacies (humans) are rare.  Nevertheless, Diane (Demene Hall), Sharon (Rosa Luxemburg), and Suzan (Julie Ritter) arrive (....don't ask why). The bed desires to eat them, but the appearance of Sharon conjures up an image of an old love. Through flashbacks, our walled-in artist tells of some of the bed's history. In the mansion's grounds it was used as a sex rejuvenator...consuming lots of copulating couples.  It also downed an orgy, and some gangsters  
The bed demon now turns it's attention to our three girls, as Suzan and Diane are digested.  Hark!  Why is the four-poster hesitant to do the same to Sharon?  As Sharon's brother (William Russ) races to find and save his sister, our heroine seems to be in some trance.  The artist begins a telepathic communication with Sharon in order to help her destroy the furniture piece and escape....but will the diminutive young lady be able to muster up enough courage and strength to succeed?
Heart pounding and haunting, "Death Bed" will stay with you as you turn in tonight.  Resist the temptation to sleep on your sofa, this is only a movie.  Gothic in tone, we are tempted to feel for the bed as it's history is violent and sad.  A demonic evil, or a lover enduring eternal heartbreak....our antagonist will elicit a reaction from you.  Available on YouTube, enjoy "Death Bed: The Bed that Eats."  

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  1. Oh, the old ones are the I'm reading your cool review, I'm thinking of a scary B film The Tingler..scared me to death..and the Death Bed, Little Shop of Horrors..I wonder if The Death Bed was the Inspiration...