Friday, September 18, 2015

App, Delete it or Die Trying...

From Holland, a stark warning to eschew our smart phones and reconnect to the human race.  I'm the number one violator of entertaining my computerized companion instead of real human loved ones. Quite correctly, at times, my wife confiscates the device from me.  Hence 2013's "App," a techno-horror story that will cause you to distance yourself from your hand-held....for at least  30 seconds. Playful at times, always horrific, and full of energy, "App" will have you out of breath by the end credits.
  As our film opens, the very beautiful Liesbeth (Liza Sips) drives home.  She is obviously stressed out, and puts her Samsung device on to check her voicemail as she drives home.  She stops her car, gets out and walks in front of a speeding train....splat!  Deader then Julius Caeser....but don't worry...she'll be back.  Two years later, Anna (Hannah Hoekstra) and Sophie (Isis Cabolet), BFFs..attend a wild party and wake up hung-over.  Uh-oh....Anna's Samsung Galaxy was violated and has a mysterious app on it...Iris.  Iris is a personal assistant and answers any question.  Iris is also a voyeur, taking candid shots of our girls engaging in nakedness and pre-marital sex.  Double uh-oh...Iris moves to any device Anna's phone comes in the vicinity of.  Iris is capable of all sorts of mayhem.  If something is controlled by a computer, Iris takes it over.
Oh yes, Stijn (Alex Hendrickx) is Anna's brother and has just had a micro-chip placed on his spinal cord in order to cure his paralysis from a bike accident. guessed it...controlled by a computer.  As people in Anna's life begin dying in freak accidents....Anna tries to rid her phone of the evil app.  Iris reminds Anna that doing this could be fatal to Stijn.  Rather than assuming the role of a frail victim, spunky..and now, very angry, Hannah fights back.  The war between device and woman will be a bloody one, and casualties will pile up.  Street lights, elevators, security systems, etc. all controlled by Iris.  Oh yes, remember Liesbeth?  Died two years ago? She is trying to call Anna on the phone, but Iris cuts the conversation short.  Has technology gone psycho?  As Anna fights back, she discovers some startling truths about the people in her life who have not yet assumed room temperature.  
No spoilers here, but the ending is wild, and of course...ominous.  This film will unnerve you and cause you excruciating speculation about the dominance technology has in your life.  Ms. Hoekstra is intense as a besieged college student driven to desperation.  2013 moviegoers were invited to download the Iris app before the film and enjoy extra scenes and pictures as the film hit the movie screen.  Available on Netflix...consider this one a warning.

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