Monday, February 2, 2015

The Hole, Depraved School Kids Cinema

Please don't confuse 2001's "The Hole" with the film by the same title, made in 2009.  Directed by Nick Hamm, "The Hole" is an edge of the seat thriller that will have you squirming.  Thora Birch and Keira Knightley (...yes, Miss Knightley is in a movie we actually want to watch) head a great cast in what may be termed an upper class "River's Edge." Remember that one...not quite the feel-good movie of the eighties.  Everything about this film is ominous, and will leave you thinking way past your bed time.
Mike Steele (Desmond Harrington) is the son of a rock star, and attending a very exclusive boarding school in England.  Oh yeah... he is a major league hunk.  Liz (Birch) is just goo-goo over him, but she is a shall we say it...frumpy (is that a word?).  By a weird set of circumstances, Liz' best friend, Martin (Daniel Brocklebank) arranges a week-end getaway.  Mike needs to avoid paparazzi, and must go somewhere secluded.  Martin introduces them to an old WW2 bunker, but lets Mike know he must also invite Liz.  Liz wants to get in Mike's pants, which is painful for Martin, as he secretly loves, Liz.  Also going along is the very prissy Frankie (Knightley), and her beau, Geoff (Laurence Fox).  Totally secluded, underground, the electricity still works, perfect for drugs and orgies.  Only one problem..... The door (hatch) automatically locks, thus Martin will have to return at the end of the week-end and let them out.

What happens next?  Drugs.  Sex.  Alcohol.  Then the week-end concludes and the kids are all packed up waiting for Martin to show up.  Did I mention no cell phone reception?  You got it....Martin is a no-show.  18 days later, Liz is found in shock wandering on a road near the school.  Her memory....gone.  Enter Dr. Horwood (Embeth Davidtz).  Her mission: help Liz remember the past 18 days.  The cops key in on Martin, but he is ice cold....and a genius.  Of course he has an airtight alibi.  As Dr. Horwood jogs Liz's memory, the answers are even more terrifying than the ordeal that befell Liz' three friends.
What happens to teens locked in a bunker, without food and water for 18 days?  You'll see, and the answer is not pretty.  Is Martin really an evil fiend who is upset that Liz doesn't love him?  Is there something else at play here?  I want to avoid spoilers, so just see this film.  Miss Knightley and Miss Birch are alluring, and their male co-stars are terrific.  Available on Netflix, enjoy this very dark thriller.


  1. I do love this film. I remember watching it at high school and all of us being really shocked haha!

  2. Love this movie, in fact I may pull it out and watch it this afternoon!!!

  3. I also am very fond of The Hole. I watched it around the time that I first watched American Beauty and couldn't get enough of Thora Birch. A good, solid well-made thriller and another great review my friend.