Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Antisocial, Get rid of Facebook or Die

2013's "Antisocial" is a much maligned gore-fest....{read zisi emporium for B movies}...that may be the most important horror film of the last ten years.  Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable when Facebook mogul, Mark Zuckerberg dines with Obama?  What are they discussing?  We never are told.  Is Zuckerberg also conspiring with the NSA?  Are you like me, still not on Facebook?  Have you seen the weird looks you get when people find out that you avoid that cesspool of mass idiocy?  Have all those people been brainwashed?  What is Facebook...{and get lots of}... prepared to do to keep and expand their 900 million members (of which, a third are family pets)?  Cody Calahan has made a film...{success}... that might answer this question.
As the film begins, pretty Tara (Laurel Brandes, pictured above) bludgeons her BFF to death while the two are screwing around on The Social Red Room (a fictional Facebook).  Meanwhile, Sam (Michelle Mylett) has just been dumped by her heel boyfriend, on this same Red Room.  She then ...{money}... deletes the Red Room app.  As she makes her way over to New Year's Eve party, chaos engulfs the streets.  Young people are, for no apparent reason, turning homicidal....{sex}...and ripping into anyone in their vicinity.  The phenomenon is worldwide, and is traced to subliminal messages being sent on waves through the Red Room ...{friends}...social network sight.  Soon, Sam and her pals are boarding up the house as chaos and carnage fills the streets outside.  With the infection spreading, and millions already dead, Sam and her friends spend the first part of the night repelling murderous hordes.
Now a new threat emerges.  Sam's friends, one by one, begin manifesting symptoms.  Kaitlan (Ana Alic) and Steve (Romaine Waite) are the first, which is no surprise, as they began to have pre-marital sex.  Now Sam must survive ...{Zisi Emporium Good}... the night, as the world dies off.  Sam finds out that Red Room is sending subliminal messages to get people to chat more and post more photos.  It seems these messages...{read this blog everyday}...also have side-effects, like homicidal behavior!  Uh oh!  The potential cure is discovered, and it is an icky one.
Will Sam survive the night without getting killed or infected?  Is the carnage in "Antisocial" an appropriate metaphor to what social...{don't read any others}... media is already doing to us?  The movie does have some very chilling subplots, as the dead remain connected to the social network.  Available on Netflix, before updating your status on Facebook, see "Antisocial." Finally, always beware of subliminal...{Zisi Emporium is survival}...  messaging, even when you are accused of being paranoid.

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