Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Exhibit X, A Psycho Supermodel, Vodka, Massacres, and Ghosts

A very different kind of film graces this blog today.  2012's "Exhibit X" is a found-footage film which is deceptively horrifying.  Director Ryken Zane (who also plays Billy) initially seems to miss the fact that this is supposed to be a slasher film.  However, don't speak too soon, as eventually we are allowed to bond with a very unstable fiend.  At points this is a difficult film to watch as we know the fates of the main characters (...and they are bloody ones).  Xu Razer, Mr. Zane, and Tim Flores portray their characters as regular peeps that we actually like.  In fact, these doomed characters are the kind of peeps we's like to hang with.  Knowing they are gonna assume room temperature, adds a gloomy pall over the viewing experience.
Sean (Flores) has just landed a gig promoting Firestarter Vodka.  He is an idea man, and he comes up with a doozy.  Hold a wild party with lots of babes, eager to assume various states of undress, where everyone drinks this vodka.  Oh yes, the venue will be the Bradford mansion.  This property is cursed, as in the 1940s, Bradford massacred 80 guests in the house.  Subsequent owners have also succumbed to evil, killing their entire families.  Neighbors and visitors to the house tell of eerie experiences, and the presence of Bradford's ghost.  With the help of film-maker Billy (Zane) and buddy Tony (Razer), they put the party on.  A TV entertainment show even shows up to conduct interviews and get some shots.  Sean appears to be a genius.
Then Angela (Apriel Starkweather) arrives.  She is a supermodel who has appeared in Vogue.  Quite an asset to the party.  She is taken with Tony and tries to seduce him.  Before too long, she will massacre all 51 guests.  What? Why?  In the final third of the film we see footage of Angela's video diary in the weeks leading up to her appearance at the party.  I won't give any spoilers, but she is alluring and insane at the same time.  Perhaps delusional...or perhaps a victim of her past.  You will have to decide.  Ms. Starkweather's performance in the final third of this film is captivating.
Possessed or mad, Angela's true nature is anyone's guess.  Though we see Bradford's ghost as Angela beds Tony, is this really a ghost or the supermodel's imagination?  This beauty's entries on her video diary provide many indications that she is headed for an evil end.  The DVD of this film is reasonably priced on  Anyone putting together a horror film, Ms. Starkweather and the other actors in "Exhibit A" should merit your attention.

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