Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Proteus, Genetic Research goes Amok on the High Seas

From the UK, comes a great looking scifi/horror flick. 1995's "Proteus" combines elements of "John Carpenter's The Thing" with "Alien" and gives us some really slimy scares.  Perhaps not overly original, "Proteus" is filled with great looking actors and actresses (all in deep peril), a mad-scientist, a slimy creature, explosions, gunfights, and some semi-predictable twists.  If you had to endure the stupid Oscars', because everyone else watched it, treat yourself to this neat monster movie...you deserve it.
A drug smuggling gang (three hunks and three babes) are thrown out of Hong Kong by a Triad.  As they take to the highs seas on their yacht...BOOM....it blows up.  Now aboard a life raft, Alex (Craig Fairbrass, pictured above) assumes the role of leader.  Out of nowhere, the castaways happen upon a seemingly deserted oil rig.  Alex leads them aboard the oil rig which looks as though a major battle had been waged on it.  Uh oh, indications suggest something else, not quite human is also on board.  Alex and his gang also realize they are not aboard an oil rig, but a genetics laboratory housing biological experiments.  In a bone headed move, our sextet splits up to look for any signs of life on board.  Unbeknownst to them, slimy creatures are watching and following them.  
The drug gang leader, Paul (Robert Firth), soon goes missing.  His main squeeze, Linda (Toni Barry, pictured above) is determined to find him.  Meanwhile, our gang stumbles on a female doctor (Jordan Page) and a security henchman.  When both turn into creatures in front of them, they realize a war is on.  Alex' gal, Rachel (Jennifer Calvert) is wounded during a battle, and soon after that becomes the nesting place for the slimy fiend (see photo below).  Now she is one of them and starts picking off each gang member.  Alex realizes what he is up against, and together with the surviving humans, must defeat this genetically created monster and get off the rig.
An epic battle will be waged and the slimy anamorph will materialize in all it's ugliness.  Battling the monster, and his fellow drug gang members, Alex must be careful that his friends are not in reality monster in human form.  You gals will be impressed with Craig Fairbrass and his abs, and you guys will enjoy the actresses...even though not all will stay human.  Will our criminals defeat the genetically created monster thus preventing it from reaching the main land, and infecting the world's population?  Alex is in the same predicament that Kurt Russell was in in "The Thing." Available on Netflix, enjoy this Roger Corman-like film.  

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