Saturday, July 6, 2024

The Boogey Man, The Evil in the Mirror

One of the first slasher type films of the 1980s comes to us from Jerry Gross. Jerry Gross Productions gave us so many fantastic horror films, like "Zombie." Gross would gross us out with gore, slashings, cannibalism, and dismemberments. Kind of a metaphor for the Biden Administration. At about the same time "Blood Beach" came out and before "The Burning," a slasher-hall-of-fame entry was released. 1980's "The Boogey Man." This began a years long run of a slasher film or two hitting major theaters every week. Today we look at this film directed by Ulli Lommel.

Lacey and Willy (Suzanna Love and Nicholas Love), now adults, are still traumatized by a childhood horror. Instead of submitting to torture by his mom's evil boyfriend, Willy grabs a knife and stabs the guy to death as he boinks his mom. The two now live at their Aunt Helen's (Felicite Morgan) farm. The horror made Willy mute and Lacey still has awful nightmares. Jake (Ron James), a very useless sort, is now Lacey's husband and is determined to rid her of these nightmares. He'll consult a psychologist (John Carradine) and both agree Lacey must be brought back to the house the evil occurred and shown nothing lingers from that day 20 years ago.  This won't go well.  Seems a mirror captured all that evil and the ghost of the murdered evil boyfriend still exists in it. Lacey breaks the mirror in horror, thus releasing the spirit of the dead boyfriend.

The mirror shards reflect the evil and possess its victims.  Two babes that live in the house now will murder themselves as they are possessed. Jake cleans up the mirror from the floor and brings it back home. Home? Yep, its the Amityville house!  Now shards of the mirrors glass get strewn throughout the farm and cause nubile babes and their hunk boyfriends to die in gory fashion. A knife impaled kiss by two amorous teens making out is my favorite kill, You'll see. Pitchforks, scissors, knives, and the supernatural will kill so many as no one believes Lacey that the evil of 20 years ago has returned. A bloody exorcism beckons as the evil force attempts to possess Lacey into murdering her own family.  

Will Lacey be able to free herself of the evil spread by the cursed mirror shards?  Will hunk Jake ever get a brain and figure out something helpful? Will the Amityville house blow up like it does in so many sequels?  The death count is high, as is the gore level. For one of the silliest, most inane, and satisfying 80's horror films, see "The Boogey Man."   

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