Monday, July 8, 2024

Count Dracula's Great Love, Euro-Babes Catfight for Dracula

Okay, cleavage and catfights! Euro-trash can't get any better. Babes in negligees catfighting. Cleavage shoved at us with reckless abandon. Vamps putting damsels in bondage and whipping them. Nubile babes and vamps feeling each other up. Negligees ripped off and bacchanal passion resulting.  We have one from Spain today, and yes Paul Naschy is Count Dracula. He'll have  quite a performance as he'll have to feel up and lick some sultry Euro-babes. Yes there will also be ugly guy vampires, but in 1973's "Count Dracula's Great Love," directed by Javier Aguirre, negligee clad or nude damsels with impressive cleavage are in great peril from toothy menaces. 

Imre (Victor Barrera), a useless guy, loves Marlene (Ingrid Garbo) and her cleavage. Too bad he's useless...he'll be offed by a minor league vampire. Also in a broken down stagecoach are nubile babes, all with impressive cleavage, Elke (Mirta Miller), Karen (Haydee Politoff), and Senta (Rosanna Yanni). Lucky for these peeps, with the stage unrepairable, a closed down sanitorium is nearby. Uh oh...Count Dracula, going as Dr. Marlowe, welcomes the ill-fated travelers. He offers them all accommodation. Dracula appears to be a lucky man. He needs a virgin to sacrifice over the corpse of his long dead daughter in order to resurrect her. Dracula's big question...are any of these nubile cleavage babes virgins? He goes through them all...or should I say, puts them each through an evaluation period. 

Senta and him seem to have the most passionate pre-marital sex...but we could all have told Dracula Senta is no virgin. Still, her performance was staggering. Okay, Karen emerges. With no use for Senta, Elke, and Marlene, the three non-virgin babes are turned into vamps in entirely different ways. These three beauties will roam the countryside stringing up nubile virgins, whipping them, and drinking their blood. Karen on the other hand falls in love with Dracula and he with her. This complicates matters as Dracula had planned on draining all her blood into his daughter's corpse. Now Dracula must protect Karen from her now undead buddies and convince her to submit willingly to become a vampire. Fat chance. Or is it?

Will Karen be able to keep her womanhood or be drained of her blood by the trio of vamps in negligees?  Will Dracula completely abandon his plans to resurrect his daughter? Are make-out sessions by babe vamps either nude or in negligees a plot device that needs to return as America begins to abandon wokeness? Nudity, gore, cleavage, and catfights highlight this Gothic, Euro-trash film. See "Count Dracula's Great Love" and stay up to date on negligee fashions from Europe.      

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