Wednesday, April 3, 2024

KillHer, Four Babes Go Camping

Four hot babes! They go camping in the wilderness for a bachelorette party.  Standard horror fare?  Maybe.  That is...until the second half of the film.  Then this film turns into the magnum opus of the lovely actress M.C. Huff.  Gore and torture will abound.  To avoid fatal spoilers, today's description will focus on the first half of the film.  Let us take a look at 2022's "KillHer," directed by Robyn August.

Nothing new here...the sultry and nubile Mattie (Jenna Z. Alvarez) will soon marry the hunk Jagger (Jack Schumacher). Uh oh...Jagger has a suspicious past.  Both his parents were murdered and so was his ex.  Questioned by police, Jagger was never charged.  Eddie (Huff) decides to take Mattie camping in the woods.  Uh Eddie's annoyance, Mattie invited her other buddies, the sultry Jess (Emily Hall) and Rae (Nicole Lovince).  These two add-ons will serve as annoyances for Eddie who might have intimate feelings for Mattie.  The exciting Eddie will tell Mattie that Jagger and his buddies will join them...this appears to be a lie.  Jess and Rae do not like Eddie and you will see why.  They get to the campsite and next to them is not Jagger and his buddies, but a weird hermit named Mr. Rogers (Tom Kiesche).

Suspicion is heaped on Mr. Rogers.  The gals notice weird behaviors from him.  He even has a gun and a chainsaw. The gals partake in naughty activities and as their campfire wanes, their imaginations get the best of them.  What follows is bloody carnage and torture.  The nubile Mattie trusts Eddie but the other two babes do not.  Now Eddie must battle mistrust and her true feelings for Mattie.  More blood and more murder.  So much murder.  Mr. Rogers now sees the gals as adversaries...but he also appears to be afraid of them. The nubiles will find themselves battling one another just as much as they battle the murderous force that stalks them in the woods.

Exactly who is Mr. Rogers?  Why doesn't Jess trust Eddie?  Will Mattie ever get a clue and realize that her best friend sees her for more than just a friend?  This will get quite gory and the death count will get extensive.  For a film about four damsels (or most of them are damsels) in the woods being stalked by a killer appeals to you...YES...see "KillHer."     

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