Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Septic Man, Excrement and Upchuck

Disgusting from the opening scene. Yep...today, let us plow into the septic system of modern horror.  This one from Ontario will ask you to delve in s**t for the duration of this film.  Vomit, too.  Before you dismiss this one, remember, what is being added to our drinking water is poised to become a hot-button issue thanks to the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  We all yawned when fluoride was added to our tap water...but was it done so without malice or harm?  Arsenic?  Yep, that's in it too.  What next.  The results of all that are theorized in 2013's "Septic Man," a Canadian film directed by Jessie Thomas Cook.

Collingwood, Ontario is having a problem.  A myriad of diseases are killing the population and traced back to the water supply.  Missing persons and dying suddenly and horribly are plaguing the place.  The mayor (Stephen McHattie) orders evacuation and the army moves in to quarantine and enforce the evacuation. A lone septic man who works for the city, Jack (Jason David Brown), is paid to stay and figure out what is contaminating the water.  A weird consortium represented by Prosser (Julian Richings) represents a cabal eager to find out what backed up into the underground drinking water.  Jack heads down under and begins exploring the intake and outtake pipes.  What he finds is disgusting.

Uh oh...in the city's underground septic tank, dozens of human corpses mix with s**t.  Even worse, Jack falls in and then is kept prisoner down there by a weird giant (Robert Maillet) and his animalistic brother, Lord Auc (Timothy Burd).  These two have a weird relationship that includes murder.  The duo seem intent on keeping some secret.  Now the excrement covered Jack begins changing into a monster.  More bodies are dumped from above.  Even Prosser is tossed in.  Physically, Jack changes...and in other ways, too. You'll see.  Any hope for Jack to get out?  One slim chance...his pregnant wife (Molly Dunsworth) is determined to find him.  Unfortunately, Jack may no longer be the man she knew.

Is Jack too far gone to be rescued with his humanity in tact?  What and who are contaminating Collingwood's water supply?  Now that everyone likes RFK Jr. better than Biden, will he be allowed to bring the issue of contaminated drinking water into an election season?  This is an icky one...but may be an important plot.  If you can stomach s**t and vomit for 90 minutes...and rats...and disembowelment...and mutant monsters...then "Septic Man" is the film for you.


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