Friday, July 28, 2023

Horror 101. Bo Derek as a Horror Professor

22 years after playing the perfect female specimen in "10," Bo Derek did a horror film.  Give her credit ...22 years later, she was still quite the babe.  Though maybe an overly psychopathic one...maybe.  An academic study in horror is the subject of this film and Bo Derek is our babe professor.  She may also be a damsel in great distress, or maybe something much more nefarious.  Either way, we have one with a lot of cheese and beef, 2001's "Horror 101," directed by James Glenn Dudelson.

College hunks and babes are taking Horror 101 ad VBDU (don't ask).  Their professor is Allison James (Derek).  She's sultry and mysterious and looks at her students as a Doberman looks at a lambchop.  But does she want deviant sex...or blood? Her students have a final project due and we'll see some of them.  Professor James also has given some of the hunkier guys a research project for a book she's writing. Brian (Justin Urich) has psychopath written all over him.  Carl (Scott Rinker) is a nerd intrigued by psychopaths. The two of them have been given a mysterious research project.  Oh yes...the babes.  Allison (Lisa Gordon) is a nubile blonde who has killed off another nubile blonde, Lisa (Paityn James) in her horror film.  In actuality, despite being felled by the axe in the film, Lisa is okay.

Tiffany (Brigitta Dau) is my favorite...dumber than Joe Biden (okay, maybe not that dumb)...just how we guys like our sluts.  Her BF is football player Mark (Josh Holland)...all jock.  Okay, the class is summoned during an evening to do their finals and the disappearances begin.  One by one the babes and hunks go missing.  Uh oh...Professor James is also missing.  All eyes are on Brian who really looks psycho.  Sadly, Tiffany goes missing early on.  Clues appear and now we suspect that Bo Derek may not be the sweet babe we'd like her to be.  Throw in hungry Dobermans, spiders, snakes, and bladed weapons.  A final reveal will be horrific so be sure not to get too comfortable.

Is Bo Derek a nympho professor or a psychopathic killer?  Is there any way possible that Tiffany will survive to the end credits?  Is the short horror film made by our two blonde coeds a foreshadow of the fates of all these students?  The cheese, beef...and Bo Derek...highlights this Agatha Christie style plot. For some fun Friday night scares, watch "Horror 101" and enjoy Bo Derek in a different kind of role. 

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