Sunday, July 16, 2023

Badmouth, Zombies, Transvestite Prostitute, Hot Asian Assassin, White Trash...

It is easy to say this film is garbage.  I challenge you to give me a reason why you would say that. In what is perhaps the greatest cinematic effort to chronicle the ethos of modern day Australia, 2011's "Badmouth," directed by Guy Moore, is filled with cheese, gore, zombies, and nudity. There is even a scene when some bloke gets his balls blown off and he just sews them back on and moves on in life. Hot chicks making out and white trash deviants getting their heads cut off also are plot devices that make this film plea for Australia to get back its manhood.

Mike (Jacob Brown) is narrating this story.  He's dead...kind of.  He murders a prostitute when he finds out that the whore is actually a guy.  The tranny's besties are hot assassins, Baddie (Anjie Roebuck) and Kitten (Da Boom).  Kitten will noose Mike and burn him.  He'll be back. Before this happens, Mike's dad, Nobbie (John Green), gets his balls shot off and gutted...only a flesh wound in the outback. Now baddie and Kitten descend into town and invade the abode of sultry tease Ashley (Mia Robinson) and her hubby Dick (Bobey Taleb).  Baddie wants to have mad sex with Ashley and vice versa.  There will be a lot of hot lesbian make-out scenes as Kitten also gets into the action.

Skinny dipping, decapitations, and evil babe versus evil babe carnage ensues.  Ashley is making a is Baddie and Kitten.  Not all will survive.  The men?  They drink a lot and die...and return to life.  Sometimes they lose their heads.  When the guys see the hot chicks making out, they get aroused and try to get in on some of the action,  Zombie/babe action is not frowned upon in the outback...or for that matter anywhere else, these days. Naked or in lingerie, our babes get violent and aroused.  The guys will see this as a mixed blessing.

Okay, that's enough.  Will Kitten, Baddie, and Ashley get involved in a threesome?  Will their zombie guys turn the tables on them?  Which of these evil chicks will survive the evil wrath of the other evil chicks?  So satisfying on many levels.  If you were forced to see the new 'Indiana Jones' film...treat yourself and see this Australian film, "Badmouth."  

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  1. Wow this film checks so many deviant boxes Christopher. That being said also sounds very watchable.