Monday, August 8, 2022

Demonoid, Killer Hand

Samantha Eggar!  The beautiful redhead is the epitome of sophistication and class.  In other words, she speaks with a European accent.  Today we have her in a horror film from 1981.  Hardly low budget, like most of our 1981 horror entries, but still gory and gratuitous.  With Ms. Eggar, we almost feel as if we're watching an Alberto VO5 commercial with boobs and blood.  Anyway...let us get to today's film, "Demonoid," directed by Alfredo Zacarias.

A blonde babe is trying to steal a sacred hand from a devil cult in Mexico.  The cultists will catch her, beat the living daylights out of her, strip her, and cut off her hand.  So sad.  Fast forward a century or two, Mark (Roy Jenson) owns a mine in Mexico.  His miners are scared to go into it as they know the devil cult had its temple down there.  Now Jenny (Eggar), Mark's sultry wife (he married out of his league) arrives.  Thinking the miners are silly, Jenny, high heels and hairspray and all, goes down into the mine to prove its safe.  Eventually, she and her husband stumble upon the cultists chamber and unleash a demon possessed hand.  All seems well until the two get into bed...the devil hand makes its way into their bed and attacks Jenny.  In defending his wife, the hand possesses Mark is possessed with a demon.

Mark runs away and his hand causes him to murder and win in Las Vegas.  Jenny, wanting her sugar daddy back, follows...but always arrives after the corpses are cooling.  Turns out the hand keeps getting severed when the host figures out what is going on.  Now Father Cunningham (Stuart Whitman) helps Jenny.  The duo follow a trail of bodies with severed hands.  Uh oh...the hand wants Jenny...and who can blame it?  Now the hand continues murdering and turns the tables on the priest and the babe.  As Jenny continues seducing us with her accent, high heels, and flowing red hair, the hand demonstrates that it means to rip her to shreds.  

Can Father Cunningham protect Jenny from the devil hand?  Will Jenny be able to make Father Cunningham forget about his vow of celibacy?  If the hand is able to get Jenny in bed again, what will it do to her?  Vicious and gory, this film may not leave you smiling like an Alberto VO5 commercial.  Still, for an eerie and semi-erotic 1981 horror film, see "Demonoid."

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