Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sleeping Dogs Lie, Love Triangle, Greed, and Murder

All men are lying pigs!  All women are lying pigs!  Today we have a film where everyone in it is...well, you'll see.  With a great looking cast, the cheese and beef will be thrown at you in bloody deceit.  A basic tale, with basic twists, and some prurient plot devices, is what today's film, 2018's "Sleeping Dogs Lie" (directed by Konstantinos Kovas) gives us.

As the film begins we have a steamy hot bikini scene with actress/model Vanessa Llamas.  This will have nothing to do with the story...but that's okay.  Armando (Miguel Angel Caballero) is an accountant who has just ripped a client off.  Now he has $18 million in a secret bank account. His client isn't happy and is murdering his way to Armando.  Luna (Joanna Zanella) is his hot secretary who he plans to run away with.  As Luna gives Armando oral sex, his wife walks in.  Eleni (Markella Giannatou) is ticked!  At gunpoint she kidnaps Armando and Luna and brings them to an abandoned desert motel.  There she intends to torture both of them until she gets the password for the secret bank account.

Initially Eleni has the upper hand and inflicts bloody and excruciating torture on her cheating husband.  He refuses to cough up the password.  Uh Armando the only double-crossing son of a b*&%h in the room?  Uh oh again, Armando escapes and finds machetes and bear traps...and now he's ticked off.  To make matters worse a gratuitous shower scene occurs...between who?  You'll see.  Now three great looking characters are played off one another.  Luna, the hot secretary?  Guess which side she is on?  Don't guess too fast.  A bloody ending seems to be a sure bet.

Is Eleni really the victim of a bad marriage and a heel of a husband?  Is Luna really an innocent, albeit deviant, babe caught in the crossfire between warring spouses?  Where can we see more of bikini babe Vanessa Llamas?  This is a fast-paced film filled with twists, gore, and steamy nudity and sex.  For a fun time during a hot summer, see "Sleeping Dogs Lie."


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