Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Killing Joan, Avenging Demon

Jamie Bernadette beset by demon tentacles!? Yep...you'll have to watch this film to see it..no spoilers here.  Okay IMDB gives our feature today a 2.8/10  rating...elitist pigs!  Ms. Bernadette is a sultry actress exuding allure and eroticism in every scene she is in.  Today, clad in tight jeans and a sexy leather jacket she plays an assassin turned demon.  In an ambitious plot, 2018's "Killing Joan" (directed by Todd Bartoo) may not get a lot of love from the critics, but Ms. Bernadette turns in a steamy performance filled with vengeance and allure.

Joan (Bernadette) is a thug/assassin working for the suave Frank (David Carey Foster).  Uh oh...Joan is liking the assassin part of her job better than the thug part.  As she becomes too eager to murder, Frank deems her a liability...and replaceable.  Yep...Frank assigns his new heavy, Miles (Erik Aude) to murder Joan.  Miles does a great job and beats her to a pulp in the process.  This is sad as Joan has had some steamy pre-marital sex (including a threesome) so far in this film.  There is good news...Joan comes back and will have more steamy pre-marital sex scenes.  Now Joan is a demon able to walk through walls and shoot demon vibes.

Now Joan sees herself as an avenging angel...not a demon.  She'll try to gain back an old boyfriend, Anthony (Teo Celigo).  He's a hunk and a good guy.  She'll pop up in his bed in a supernatural manner and aim to seduce.  Joan also has a vicious side...I guess this is nothing new.  When Frank notices his muscle are dying horribly he finally figures out Joan is back.  Frank also gets more homicidal and unfortunately for Joan...he is not unequipped to deal with Joan's new persona.  Now the sultry Joan  will realize she can still get the s#*t kicked out of her and she will even have a alluring cat-fight.

What exactly is Frank capable of doing to the vengeful demon that is wiping out his crew?  Will Anthony find out the basics of having pre-marital sex with an otherworldly demon?  Even if Joan does prevail, what is her fate...a seductress? Avenging ange?  Ms. Bernadette is alluring to the max and the plot becomes very ambitious.  For a steamy and vicious good time see "Killing Joan."

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  1. Had no idea there were so many of these kind of movies, most from USA too. Bravo