Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Fatal Flip, Psycho Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines may not endorse our film today, but all you guys, forced to watch HGTV with your wives may see something here you like.  Whereas "Fixer Upper" may have to deal with rotted support beams and popcorn ceilings, our feature today deals with a psycho handyman seeking to murder and rape.  So now we take a look at 2014's "Fatal flip" (directed by Maureen Bharoocha and Ellen Huggins) and stars one of my favorite actresses, Dominique Swain.

Alex (Swain) and Jeff (Michael Steger) have quit a high-powered firm to realize a dream.  The non-married lovers seek fortune without the help of corporate America, by flipping old properties.  They find one and it is a 1870 Colonial.  Unwisely the lovers agree to a 45 day deadline.  Immediately they see the short deadline is unrealistic.  Enter the hunk Nate (Mike Faiola)...who doesn't like to button his shirt.  He befriends the duo and is invited to move in and help them reach the deadline.  He is hot for Alex...and Alex may be hot for him.  Soon Alex' boyfriend and best friend, Roslyn (Tatyana Ali) see Alex may be a bit of a tease when Nate is around...we actually see that too.

Uh oh...Nate is a psycho killer.  He'll hammer the realtor to death just because she asked one too many questions...I know, we've all done that.  Nate has a proclivity for brutal murder, which we see, and a fatal attraction to the tease Alex.  He appears to be a godsend as the duo is back on schedule until Nate tries to murder Jeff...darn, he survives.  Now the duo must depend on Nate even more.  When the pretty Roslyn falls for Nate she begins to do some research...what she finds out is horrific...too bad she'll die horribly.  Now with Jeff convalescing, it is Alex and Nate finishing the flip...and Nate gets more aggressive.  There will be a panty in the toolbox scene (she is a tease), and an alluring bath scene.  Nail guns, hammers, sledgehammers, and plastic tarp abound as our psycho moves in on the perky Alex.

Will the useless Jeff ever stop convalescing and win back Alex and finish the flip?  Can we blame Alex for drooling over the handyman with the impressive pecs?  Are gratuitous bath scenes what is missing from much of the fare on HGTV, that may make us guys watch more?  Dominique Swain is alluring and perky and she captures the screen marvelously. See "Fatal Flip" and then try to imagine HGTV's "Fixer Upper" with more carnage and bath scenes.   

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  1. Better than any serious movie Kevin Spacey has starred in.