Sunday, January 31, 2021

Track of the Moon Beast, Big Lizards and a Nubile Blonde

A nubile blonde pursued by a big lizard may be understandable in metaphor. However, in B horror, it is also very understandable. In today's politically correct setting, the metaphor may be too instead we have Scarlett Johansson as a wooden and dull android in boring sci-fi fare. Thank goodness for a more innocent time. In 1976 we were leaving Vietnam (finally!), college kids still liked college girls and vice versa (who ever thought that would end?), and the moon still held mysteries (Oh still does...thanks NASA). Also in 1976, hitting the drive-ins, was "Track of the Moon Beast," directed by Richard Ashe.

An asteroid hits the moon sending moon shards to Earth. NASA says there is nothing to worry about...they were wrong (imagine that!).  While courting the sultry blonde Kathy (Leigh Drake), Paul (Chase Cordell) is hit by a shard. He doesn't know, but a small shard penetrates his brain. Kathy and Paul continue to get close and when the moon comes out Paul changes into a big lizard man. least in metaphor. One night an unfortunate drunk is shredded outside his home. John (Gregorio Sala) is a professor and friend to Kathy and Paul. He is called in to help the police solve the murder. The murderer seems to be seven feet tall and have the attributes of a lizard. Neither John or Kathy realize what is happening to Paul.

Kathy and Paul fall more in love. A night or two later a few campers are ripped apart by the moon beast. Paul starts feeling ill and is brought for a full check-up. Doctors X-Ray him and see the shard. Now Paul puts it all together. John and Kathy are determined to help him. The moon is due out soon and now Paul does his change act in front of an audience. Doctors don't know what to do but Paul doesn't want to kill anyone else. Professor John, an Indian, gets his bow and arrow ready (really...I'm not making that up), and the cops ready their shotguns. 

In some weird fetish, does Kathy have mixed feelings about being beset by a seven foot lizard man? Is Paul's fate a metaphor for the plight of men on college campuses? Is this predicament actually a good thing for the sultry Kathy as now she can find a guy with earning power? This one is a lot of fun and the rubber suited creature will warm the heart. For a good Friday night 'creature feature' type film, see "Track of the Moon Beast." 

To see this film free on Dark Matter TV, click this link TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST

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  1. Rubber suited lizared, I want one!!!! David Ekkie was right, lizards live on the moon.