Friday, January 1, 2021

The Vampire Doll, Beautiful Bloodsucker

Beautiful women are hard to resist. When their undead and have yellow eyes, they are harder to resist. Just ask all the guys who have bitten by these fiends...albeit, beautiful fiends. From Japan, we have 1970's "The Vampire Doll," directed by Michio Yamamoto. We'll have an eerie mansion, a sultry damsel, graverobbing, and a hunk trying to save the damsel. Oh yes, we'll also have a yellow eyed vampire with a homicidal bent. There'll also be spurting blood, which the Japanese are so good at.

He's in love! So sweet. Kazuhiko (Atsuo Nakamura) arrives at a mansion late one stormy night. He seeks to see his fiancé, Yuko (Yukiko Kobatashi). Yuko's mom, Shidu (Yoko Minakazo) informs him Yuko died two weeks ago. He's very sad, as Yuko was a babe. Uh oh, over night, Yuko appears to him. He follows her to her grave. She then bites his throat. So sad. Back in Tokyo, Keiko (Kayo Matsuo) is worried about her brother. She doesn't know his throat was bitten out by Yuko. The Beautiful Keiko and her hunk fiancé, Hiroshi (Akira Nikao) drive to the mansion to look for Kazuhiko.

Shidu greets the, and tells them about her dead daughter. She also lies about Kazuhiko. Now the nubile Keiko and hunk Hiroshi get suspicious and start snooping. They find out about a horrific history of the mansion and an ungodly chain of events that began 20 years ago. Now the babe vampire appears to the babe Keiko. Hiroshi, meanwhile, digs up Yuko's grave. None of this will go well and surprising forces prepare Keiko to be Yuko's next meal. 

What awful carnage occurred twenty years ago that is key to the current vampire problem? Will the babe vampire bite the babe damsel?  Is the vampire problem in Shidu's mansion the only secret being hidden? The ending is wild and the blood will spurt all the way across the room...but who's blood? For some classic damsel in great distress action...and yellow-eyed vampire carnage...see "The Vampire Doll."  


  1. Could this movie be a social commentary on Mazda, who unleashed the vampires on the Toyota and Mitsubishi executives in the late 90's in a bid to get a bigger slice of the market?

  2. Hell yeah you got me intrigued