Monday, January 18, 2021

Moonlight Fairytale, Jazz Stoking the Flames of Love

Even better than a greeting card this Valentine's Day is Alyson Moon's new musical, 2020's "Moonlight Fairytale." If art makes us human, Ms. Moon will show us how jazz makes us lovers. 100% romantic and playing to the dreamer in all of us, this musical will seduce and watch it with a loved one...or one you hope to be a loved one. For all of you aspiring actors and actresses out there, perhaps this is required viewing in order to give you a better idea of what "making it" really is.

She's young and in love, Amy. An aspiring actress (Moon) frolics through New York City. Her companion is a terrific neighbor/violinist (Alex Sullivan). Together they show us the romance side of New York...only visible if one has love in their heart. Off to L.A. she make it big. Auditions and rejection will be her diet...for now. Jazz keeps her going. A wonderful jazz pianist (Drew Wilson) will accompany her in a jaunt through the romance and dreams of L.A. The world and mindset of an artist/actress is driven home and at times seems a dichotomy to the dreams and hope of Amy. 

Amy allows the jazz to touch her soul and this obviously keeps her moving forward and cherishing the love that is in her heart. Sunsets...Sunrises...Jazz clubs...dancing...Amy never closes her eyes to the beauty of those stimuli. I have to say, and forgive me for being crude, if you (the viewer) aren't making out with your spouse or date by the mid-point of this film...well...what's your problem? Brilliant choreography guides us through a story that would usually end in tragedy or heartbreak. In this Alyson Moon musical, the dreams and hope outweigh the cynicism and brutality of the L.A. acting scene. 

Stop listening to CNN, MSNBC, and Fox...and start allowing the love and optimism in your heart to guide your relationships with your fellow man. Ordering "Moonlight Fairytale" is a good place to begin. Alyson Moon seems to be telling us to dance instead of sulk...laugh instead of growl... wonder instead of mope...and love instead of fear. Whether this is a Christmas message or a Valentine's Day message, it is a message so needed here in the social media driven culture of the 21st century. To see "Moonlight Fairytale," click on the below links.


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