Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Other Halves, A Killer Dating App

You like long walks on the beach. Puppies and kittens warm your heart. You like a good sense of humor and someone who is sensitive to your needs. The sight of spurting blood turns you on and you're attracted to.... Wait! Stop!  Yep...the real you...all of you, not just the half you want people to see. Wouldn't it be nice if a dating app were able to put the whole (and real) you out there to find your other half. Or would this be a ghastly horror story. Hence 2015's "Other Halves."
Some very attractive coders are just hours away from releasing their new dating app, Other Halves. The bisexual, and quite sultry Jasmine (Mercedes Manning) leads the team. German Euro-babe Jana (Melanie Friedrich) created this app (...or did she?), and there are still bugs that need to be fixed. Uh oh...we see glimpses of a very homicidal, and nymphomaniacal Jasmine...she has a proclivity to kill her lovers in the throes of pre-marital sex...but why? Concealing her secrets, Jasmine is cracking the whip to get her coders to fix the bugs. Distraction alert! Beth (Megan Hui), Asian babe, has a perfect he-man BF, Mike (Carson Nicely). His mere presence sends everyone's libido through the roof...and the app takes notice. The lone male coder, Shawn (Sam Schweikert) lusts for Beth, but Mike is in the way. A motive for everyone. A motive for what? The app knows.
The app is genius, it not only helps you find your other a dating sense, but also lets your other halves come out of their cages. You might like long walks on the beach, but you also like spurting blood and sex know. As all our coders are exposed to their own app, murder and sex take over their psyches. The beautiful will die horribly at the hands of the other beautiful. Blood will fly, torsos will be stabbed, and passionate forbidden sex will rule. Uh oh... Euro-babe, Elle (Lianna Liew) returns. Did she create the app? Why has she returned, and why was she eschewed by the group?
Do any of these beauties have what it takes to be a surviving final-girl? Do either Mike or Shawn have a chance with these vixens, sexually or survival wise? What will happen if this app is rolled out to the world? The actresses and actors are great looking and embrace their characters so well. The plot is fast paced, and blood soaked. Director Matthew T. Price does a fine job in creating a film that reminds us that not all of our traits need to be let out of their cages. For some thought provoking horror, very relevant in a world controlled by our phones, see "Other Halves." Oh did I know you are turned on by spurting blood and like sex with...okay, I won't say it. Simple answer, I have the app.


  1. This sounds actually really interesting premise wise, thanks for the heads up Christopher & nice review, added to my ever increasing watchlist.