Monday, April 9, 2018

Killing Spree, Jealousy and Erotic Fiction

Writers of romance or erotic fiction really do provide a service. Regardless of what the real world delivers to someone, there is a need for something spicier that can enhance the imagination. Perhaps inside the pages of erotica or the next Harlequin Romance are promises of what we could be doing if fate was kinder to our plight. The plight of a writer of this fiction may be tenuous at times, hence we look at straight to VHS "Killing Spree" from 1987.
The sultry stewardess Leeza (Courtney Lercara) makes a huge mistake. She marries the controlling airplane mechanic Tom (Asbestos Felt). Tom has married way out of his league and his jealousy will control this story. Having been cheated on by his first wife, Tom has forced the sultry Leeza to quit her stewardess job and stay home to tend house. As Tom's life seems to crumble he becomes paranoid. Meanwhile Leeza takes a lot of showers and lounges around in a bikini all day. To help earn money, Leeza writes erotic stories which she hopes to sell to Romping Romance magazine. She is inspired when men come to the house to deliver packages, mow the lawn, fix the TV, etc. She imagines afternoon steamy sex with these guys and writes about it in her black notebook.
The increasingly unstable Tom finds this notebook and mistakes it for Leeza's diary. Now in an insane rage, Tom lures these guys back to the house. In each instance he comes up with a most gory way to off these unsuspecting, but innocent men. In one instance he guts the electrician with a chainsaw and attaches his intestines to an electrical source while the schmuck is still alive. As Tom falls further into madness, the methods of execution get gorier and more drawn out. Meanwhile, Leeza remains unsuspecting as she keeps penning her erotic works. A slasher revenge flick? Sure, but just wait! This B movie might more accurately be termed a C movie, but the last 20 minutes is wild. What happens to Tom and Leeza changes this film from a slasher film to a...well, no spoilers here, you'll see.
Will Tom ever realize he has been killing innocent guys? If not, will he turn his wrath to the beautiful Leeza? What surprise waits for Tom in the final minutes of "Killing Spree" that will change the pace of this horror film? Director Tom Ritter piles on the gore and is not afraid to go over-the-top, as evidenced by the last scenes of the film. Gore, sex, and more gore make this a fine straight to VHS offering, and the pretty Leeza is a perfect damsel in much distress with very erotic fantasies. For some fine C movie entertainment, enjoy "Killing Spree."


  1. Not sure where you find them, but thank god for America, keeping us entertained! These guys have been making America great for a long time now!!

  2. How about Z-movie?? :D Haven't seen this one in a few years but quite liked at the time despite its shoestring budget & the protagonist cracked me up in it. Nice review as always Christopher glad you had fun with this one.