Saturday, April 7, 2018

Insecticidal, Sorority Attacked by Monsters

Sultry sorority girls in gratuitous shower scenes! Big bug eats sorority sister. Beautiful buxom blonde sorority lesbians in passionate make-out scene. Big bug eats sorority sister. Bikini clad sorority sister in gratuitous hot tub scene. Big preying mantis eats sorority sister. Naked sorority sister in throes of pre-marital sex. Bug eats the face of sorority sister. Ahhh, the girls of Beta Epsilon Gamma...will any of them survive a monster bug invasion? Hence 2005's "Insecticidal," directed by Jeffery Lando.
The lovely Cami (Meghan Heffern) is an entomology major...this chick studies insects. Her sorority sisters thinks she's creepy and when Josi (Rhonda Dent) tries to exterminate her bugs...Armageddon!  Yep, Cami's bugs mutate and become giant monsters. Now a praying mantis, tarantula, scorpion, and other assorted ickies start feasting on nymphomaniac sorority sisters and their hunk boyfriends. These sisters, at first, are too busy having pre-marital sex, lesbian sex, or hot tub sex to notice their buddies are being gutted and eaten by crawling fiends. As the more nymphomaniacal of them fall, Cami joins with her sister Sophi (Samantha McLeod), the ninja Fumi (Vicky Huang), and her BF Martin (Shawn Bachynski) to war against the monsters.
Another problem has developed...Josi the sorority president is turning into a bug. Now the formerly beautiful Josi is a hideous creature with appendages falling off, and plotting against her sisters in this war. Sophi now has revenge on her mind as Josi has eaten her lesbian lover, Jeni (Anna Amoroso). As our feisty gals arm themselves with household weapons that include a blender and water-cooler, Josi gathers her new monster friends and plans a final attack. But wait! Cami is a bug expert! Will Cami be able to concoct a plan that will hit at the weaknesses of these giant insects?
Horror/exploitation all the way. The gratuitous nude and sex scenes will match the bug carnage scenes. Will Cami ever turn her attention to boys, instead of bugs? Will Sophi and Fumi ever turn their attention to the bugs instead of boys, or in Sophi's case...other sorority sisters? Will any of our lovelies survive the horde of giant insects at their sorority house? Are there any ugly women in sorority houses? Wait...who said that? That wasn't me. Fans of nudity and gratuitous shower scenes...I mean fans of giant bug horror will love "Insecticidal." For some nice scares and lots of cheesecake, enjoy this monster film.

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