Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Nightwish, Don't Wake Up

Believe it or not hyperbaric chambers are still on the market. Remember those? William Hurt went bananas in one in "Altered States." Oh yes, Kelly LeBrock ("Don't hate me because I'm beautiful") had one while married to Steven Seagal. Whether those two points are related is unknown. Today some gratuitous horror generated by one of these weird devices graces this blog. 1989's "Nightwish" is an ignored shocker with some very icky moments. Zombies eating prom-goers, big leeches, bugs exploding out human heads, aliens nesting eggs in human bodies, and gratuitous wet T-shirt scenes highlight this horror yarn.
Pretty Donna (Elizabeth Kaitan), in a flowing red prom gown is tormented by a flesh-eating class-mate. Wait!  She wakes up in a hyperbaric chamber. A mad doctor (Jack Starrett) is using college students in experiments. He has invented a machine and process in which he can see dreams on a TV monitor and then control what happens in them. It should be noted this process hasn't been perfected. Our doctor also asks his subject to allow their greatest fears to proceed and welcome death in these dreams...a clue to change majors. Our doctor takes this show on the road to continue these experiments in a haunted house with a satanic history, built on a cursed Indian burial ground and a haunted mine.  Oh yes, this palace is located in an area with lots of U.F.O activity.
At the house, the doctor conducts a strange seance which conjures up a big green endoplasmic snake which seeks to impregnate the gals, Donna and Kim (Alisha Das). His next seance will be conducted with his students handcuffed...then the fun starts. After this seance, the doctor has his assistant, Stanley (Robert Tessier) torture our youths. The doctor's real goals are to have the beings on the other side drag all of them to that alternate universe.  Kim escapes! Up to now Kim's only goal was to have pre-marital sex with a hunk (Brian Thompson). Now she must play the hero. She is chased into the haunted mines which end up being a breeding ground for slimy aliens.  After a steamy scene in which the green snake has sex with  her, Kim must act. Now satisfied sexually by the snake, Kim realizes that the inhabitants of the mine must be destroyed.
Haunted house classroom
Can Kim switch from nymphomaniac to heroine? Is all this part of some weird and twisted dream, manipulated by the evil doctor?  If it is a dream, will waking up end the horror? Lots of dismemberment, slimy alien f/x, and gratuitous wet T-shirt scenes await you in either "Nightwish" or your dreams.  Before you go onto Amazon and order that hyperbaric chamber, see "Nightwish."    


  1. Kelly LeBrock needed the isolation chamber to get away from Seagal. Aliens,zombies.....sounds positively B tastic & I think I saw it back in the day. Good review, Christopher.

  2. Lol. I actually work with hyperbaric chambers XD At least nothing like this happens in them!

  3. Lol watched last night this flick is bonafide bats**t nuts insane! Surprisingly good FX too & I wasn't aware Nicotero & Co were behind them. While kinda incoherent I was well impressed with the sheer amount of things they shoehorned in & overall I found it quite enjoyable. Great review mate, had good fun with this one.