Friday, September 1, 2017

Demon Inside, A Psychic Unraveling

We've all asked it, and it is a good question. If psychics were real, why aren't any winning the lottery? Why didn't any psychic become a millionaire after the Cubs won the World Series last year? These questions highlight our ignorance when it comes to those with this mysterious gift. Those of us without the ability to see beyond what our eyes show us are asking the wrong questions. Enough of this pseudo sermon, let us discuss 2013's "Demon Inside" (aka "Espectro"), a neat horror film from Mexico.
She is Mexico's most famous psychic. The beautiful Marta (Paz Vega) has the gift, or several gifts...or are they curses? She helps the souls of the dead find peace after their vicious deaths. She sees the future, too. She didn't see this one coming, though. Marta falls madly in love with the seemingly sweet and vulnerable hunk, Mario (Alfonso Herrera). What she didn't see almost kills her. Mario is a violent and sadistic rapist and in one graphic scene, pummels Marta and humiliates her sexually in a parking garage. Marta is sent to a mental asylum where she will emerge agoraphobic and the cops believe Mario, who will not be tried for rape.
Marta has a vision
Upon her release, Marta moves into a creepy apartment bent on eschewing all her psychic gifts...after all, she couldn't see what Mario had planned for her. Uh oh, the dead don't rest when Marta is around. A young girl, who may have died in her apartment reaches out for Marta. Marta is back on her game. Menacing, violent, nymphomaniac lesbian neighbors enter the plot...really! Slowly, using her gifts, Marta believes she has solved a murder, and one of the lesbian nymphs is not pleased that Marta is curious. Ghosts begin appearing, and visions of blood splattered walls permeate the second half of the film. But wait! Could Marta be wrong? And what of Mario? He is a handsome hunk, and listed second in the he going to make another appearance?
Marta and Mario
Exactly what is Marta seeing? Does her failing to see her fate with Mario portend her fate in this dark apartment? Can a movie be anything but worthwhile if it has lesbian, homicidal, nymphomaniacs in the plot? Available on Netflix and directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, "Demon Inside" is a neat and very bloody horror/mystery.  Those of you who figure out the twists and exactly where this one is heading will still enjoy the creepiness of this film and allure of Paz Vega. Remember...the answers aren't worth much unless you know what the questions were. Enjoy!


  1. Good review, Christopher. This sounds like a really good film. Putting this on the list.

  2. nice one mate more lesbos pls lol