Monday, March 14, 2016

Lavalantula, Monster Spiders and Police Academy

Giant fire-breathing tarantulas attack L.A. with bad CGI. Enough said.....I'm not going to convince you to love this film...even though I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh yes, it stars Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy) and yes,,,Michael Winslow (the dude who made all the sound effect noises in those "Police Academy" films)...and yes...he makes sound effects in this one. too.  Plenty of cameos abound, including a tie-in to the "Sharknado" films. For you guys out there, Nia Peeples is sultry as a shotgun wielding, kick-boxing heroine.
Fire breathing behemoth tarantulas emanate from a volcano and attack L.A. So let us eschew any more discussion of the plot and in turn, discuss some interesting aspects of "Lavalantula." Have you been wondering where Nia Peeples has gone? Here she is, and looking really good...especially when armed with shotguns and military gear. We'll see thousands of monster spiders in this film and Ms. Peeples exterminates many of them with attitude and a steady trigger pull. Her kickboxing prowess is also demonstrated on some unfortunate arachnids.
One of this blogs favorite actresses, Jon Mack, plays an entertainment reporter.  Ms. Mack, lead singer of Auradrone, also appeared in "Mongolian Death Worm," "Spiders 3D," and "Camel Spiders."  She is terrific in her role, and we must credit her for bravery. Normal sized insects give me the willies, but Ms. Mack takes on the monster bugs.  As I previously mentioned, fans of the "Police Academy" franchise of the 1980s will delight in seeing Michael Winslow and his remarkable sound effects. Oh yes....I need to mention Steve Guttenberg. Not only was it great seeing him in this, but he did a fabulous job performing in the role of an action-hero, with some comedic and dramatic aspects to his character.
Haters will hate, but let's be honest....we have a giant fire-breathing bug army attacks L.A. story. What more can we ask for?  Fans of Syfy Channel films, like me, will love "Lavalantula." Lots of neat stars performing wonderfully, and one senses they had so much fun making this film. Stay tuned to this blog as soon we will review "Camel Spiders."


  1. I have to admit I'm planning on watching this this week now, thanks to your description!

  2. I'm definitely going to give this a watch soon. I love B-List movies, they have this down to earth 'I could make that' feel that I truly love