Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon, Japan's Sexiest Superheroine

Exactly one year ago, "Iron Girl" was reviewed on this blog.  The long awaited sequel is here, 2015's "Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon." The very alluring Kirara Asuka reprises her title role.  Marvel and DC?  Please....BORING!  For some great super hero ( superheroine, actually) films, let us go to Japan.  Over-the-top, spurting blood from jugular veins, decapitations, gratuitous nudity, sword-play, and martial arts....Iron Girl is where it is at!
How is this for an opening scene:  A gang invades a brothel, decapitates the madam, rapes the employees, and then is sliced to pieces by Iron Girl.  Enough said.  Iron Girl, still has no memories.  She seeks to purchase an expensive memory retrieval device to cure her amnesia.  To pay for this machine, she takes a job as a bounty hunter, retrieving the heads of futuristic Japanese scum.  Uh oh, Sparti, an evil criminal enterprise wants Iron Girl shut down...for good.  She is bad for their business. They set a trap. Iron Girl dons her cleavage friendly costume and sets off to decapitate the sultry femme-fatale, Poison.  Uh oh...Poison, clad in red leather, is waiting for her and some neat cat-fights ensue.
Sparti doesn't solely rely on Poison's hatred for her rival, but also unleash another secret weapon. This thing is more powerful than Iron Girl and may also hold some secrets about her elusive past.  As Iron Girl endures some beat downs, revelations about her past come to the surface.  Will Iron Girl ever find out who she was, and where she came from?  Are these truths better left unsolved? Betrayals and a very sadistic force will all torment our pretty heroine, and the ending will demand another sequel.
Ms. Asuka is stunning as our superheroine.  Her portrayal of a sexy, but tormented savior is compelling.  Her background as an adult film star is easily brought out in several gratuitous scenes. Forget the newest superhero films, and take this Japanese heroine with all the gratuity and allure she has to offer in "Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon."

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