Sunday, March 20, 2016

Final Girl, Damsel not in Distress

Blonde, petite, frail, all dolled up. Nope, not a victim.....a lethal assassin!  2015's "Final Girl" takes, what looks like a prom queen, and turns her loose on monstrous killers.  Something about a beautiful young woman, all made-up, wearing an alluring red gown....and killing a bunch of bad guys just does something to make a nothing day suddenly all seem worthwhile.
The backstory is brief but intriguing.  What develops from it is an orphan, Veronica, taken in by William (Wes Bentley).  His wife and child were murdered by four evil fiends.  William spends the next twelve years training Veronica (Abigail Breslin) to be a most deadly assassin.  See, these creeps find young women, seduce them, bring them to the wilderness, and then hunt them down.  To's a demented game.  You probably have guessed William's ultimate plan.
We see the training. It's physical, tactical, and psychological.  Though Veronica grows into a young woman who lusts after her trainer, William remains focused on revenge.  D-Day arrives.....William sets his weapon loose on these four psychopaths.  Appearing to fit the profile of a weak, diminutive high school gal, Veronica instantly captures Jameson's (Alexander Ludwig) eye for what he believes is his next pretty victim.  Having spent the past dozen years training to eliminate Jameson and his three cohorts, Veronica goes to work after allowing her would be tormentors to take her into the British Columbia woods.  What follows is so much fun.
If Veronica succeeds, will William see her as much more than a pupil/weapon?  Are our four psychopaths, with dozens of kills under their belt, too much for Veronica?  Why are guys so turned on by beautiful women with weapons?  New on Netflix, masterfully directed by Tyler Shields, see "Final Girl."


  1. Saw this movie 3 times, and the only thing that confused me was who killed his wife and child if the 4 boys are obviously Veronica's age? It doesn't make sense.

    1. Yep...I'm on it! The surreal nature of this flick, as evidenced by the misty evening in the forrest, suggests that the four thugs were, in a sense, timeless. They do not age, but are portrayed as a timeless evil. Our protagonist did age, as the stress of having his family killed made him mortal.

    2. Sounds just like the bad guys in the Twilight movies, which ironically has one of the actors from the franchises in it. Cameron Bright, a.k.a. Shane, the one with the girlfriend.