Friday, November 13, 2015

Stung, Wasps not Bees

Lance Henriksen! Gore galore! Cool creatures (puppet and CGI). Attractive cast!  2015's "Stung" is our feature today. Ignore the tepid reviews that have met this film, and get yourself ready for a fun film.  Made in Germany, but set in New York state, beware of really big wasps which give way to really, really, really big wasps.
Paul (Matt O'Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook) make up the Country Catering company (both are pictured here).  Julia is the boss and her and Paul battle sexual tension on their way to a ritzy job.  Some rich schmucks are having a party at their mansion in which the mayor (Henriksen) will attend.  The two start off doing a fine job, impressing the mayor and their host, a hunchback weirdo named Sydney (Clifton Collins, Jr.).  Uh oh!  Wasps the size of a fist begin menacing the party.  Their stingers are a couple inches long.  As the tame and boring shindig begins to die....a swarm of these buggers attacks.  Quickly the casualties mount, but they just don't die.  No....after being stung, wasp eggs inside them instantly hatch giving birth to wasps the size of rich people.  Paul takes charge, and leads the survivors inside the mansion.
The new mutant wasps are smart and seem to have some human traits.  Of course they get in and our caterers become a two man insect-wrecking crew in order to save their employer and surviving guests.  The over-sized wasps have their sights set on the mansion as their next hive...or nest, I should say.  To make more of these monster bugs, the queen must inject her larva inside a human host.  This all sets the stage for some really icky gore.  Uh Oh, again....hunchback Sydney is stung and now his hunchback takes on a different form.  He becomes a two headed fiend, one of Sydney and the other a mutant wasp thing.  Paul and Julia will find bravery and valor in their battle against the mutations, and also fall in nice.
Will Paul and Julia survive to have human babies, or are they doomed to carry mutant wasp-babies? How will this affect the mayor's re-election chances? Many will die horrible deaths in "Stung," but there is a tongue-in-cheek tone to it that will relieve some of the scares.  Both O'Leary and Cook portray very likable characters and we do cheer for their survival. Director Benni Diez never lets up, and at no point in his film are we bored.  Available on Netflix, this one is total fun and gore. 

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