Thursday, April 30, 2015

Literature Review #9: Suicide the Hard Way, and Other Tales From the Inner Zone

Back on March 12th, 2015 Christopher Alan Broadstone's anthology film "3 Dead Girls" was reviewed on this blog.  Brutal and horrific, "3 Dead Girls" demonstrated an intensity missing from most modern horror films.  Fans of that DVD need also read "Suicide the Hard Way, and Other Tales From the Inner Zone."  This work by Mr. Broadstone is just as intense as his stories in the aforementioned DVD.  In addition to several terrifying and provoking tales, this book also enhances the three short films contained in "3 Dead Girls."
No glowing vampires, or cute critters here...."Suicide the hard Way" is raw and brutal.  Many of the characters we meet in these works have already been swallowed by evil to the point of malicious insanity or becoming monsters in human skin.  Cannibalism, ritualistic human sacrifice, self-mutilation, monster mosquitoes, and delusional self-proclaimed servants of God greet the reader in this collection of horror.  Be careful, the extreme carnage may just overshadow some lighter satirical and poetic entries by Mr. Broadstone.  Some evil can be disguised as elegance, as we see in a very poetic tale of a macabre lunar seductress.  It's as if Mr. Broadstone realizes our nerves have to settle after the intensity of some of his stories, hence two of the tales are toned down (a really bad term).  The other respite we are granted is a satire starring God himself, with enough theological satire to keep your spiritual mind exercised.
The final short story in this work, "Roseblood," is one I found creepy and unnerving.  The monster in this story is one that we have no defenses against.  However sane and nonthreatening people may seem, the potential of murder and torture may be lingering just below their skin.  "Hellbound Hillary" is another stomach turning tale that will change the way you view M&Ms. Witnessing the destruction of a very likable young lady because of a seemingly benign addiction is not easy for us.  I read most of this work on an airplane, and I squirmed in my seat all the way from DC to Chicago.  Fans of  "3 Dead Girls" will also be pleased, not only to read the back-stories of those short films, but also to peek at the short story "Scream for Me."  The intensity of the film may have caused us to miss some subtle points, which we see more clearly in the written work.  In the story "Suicide the Hard Way" we are introduced to a noble schmuck who delves into evil and black rites.  This is an incredibly busy story which uses death and suicide completely differently than our understanding has defined them.
For those of you who demand an edge, or an intensity to your horror, "Suicide the Hard Way..." is a collection for you.  Mr. Broadstone is also a fine musician, which I believe instills in him a gift to tell a story.  The musical mind is more adept to creating characters that are real, and plights that test the imagination. This book can be purchased on, or visit  

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