Friday, April 3, 2015

A Lonely Place to Die, Climb Into Terror

Melissa George is one of my favorite actresses.  In addition to being incredibly gifted, the Australian born beauty has starred in some of my favorite films over the past ten years.  "Triangle" and "30 Days of Night" are two movies I can watch repeatedly.  2011's "A Lonely Place to Die" is a gritty, brutal, beautiful, and gut-wrenching thriller that will leave you exhausted.  Be warned, this is not the feel good film of the decade, and it's subject matter is contrast to the beautiful camera work.
Five climbers converge on the Scottish highlands for an ambitious hike and climb.  Alison (George), her beau Rob (Alec Newman) and their chum Ed (Ed Speleers) join Alex (Garry Sweeney) and Jenny (Kate Magowan) gather at a cottage the night before their trek. The night before the adventure, some bonding time seems to be met with tenseness.  Perhaps this has to do with a near calamity on their last climb, or a sense of the danger that awaits them.  As the five friends get into their excursion, a haunting voice is heard in the distance.  The quintet find a Serbian girl buried in a crate (equipped with a breathing hole).  The girl, Anna (Holly Boyd) speaks no English and has been buried for several days.  Realizing that kidnappers may be at hand, the climbers decide to make a break for the nearest town.  Unfortunately, the kidnappers are ruthless psychos and holding the girl for a 6 million Euro ransom.  As the psychos discover their prize has been sprung, they begin murdering everyone they come across, and with a long range rifle, pick off the beautiful and alluring, Jenny.
As Jenny swims with the fishes, our gang is scattered as they dodge rifle rounds.  Alison and Rob, meanwhile, were headed toward town, but when repelling down a ravine, Ed's line was cut.  With Ed laying dead on a river bed (see above picture), Alison narrowly escapes and makes it back to the survivors.  Uh oh...heading into the fight are mercenaries, hired by the girl's father.  These heavily equipped guys are out to recover the girl and kill the kidnappers.  Alison and Ed...don't even ask about Alex...become quite the heroes in protecting Anna.  The wilderness provides danger and cover for our protagonists, but more horror will await them as they converge on civilization.
Some very likable characters will die horrible deaths in "A Lonely Place to Die."  Will Melissa George fare better than she did in "Triangle" and "30 Days of Night"?  Will our sharpshooting psychos get what's coming to them, as Alison uses her expertise of climbing and repelling?  There is lots of murder and mayhem, not limited to our five friends, in this film. Our antagonists are brutal and unmerciful.  Available on Netflix, watch Melissa George in this dark nature thriller. 

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  1. Great review. I have never seen this but it sounds good. I like the idea of a movie being set in the Scottish Highlands. I imagine it plays host to some excellent backdrops