Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bad Karma, A Sultry Slasher

Her watery death in the second "Lethal Weapon" film was a sad moment for us all.  The beautiful Patsy Kensit captivated us in that movie, as she did Mel Gibson's character.  Today, Ms. Kensit's beauty still seduces.  In 2002's "Bad Karma" (aka "Hell's Gate"), this blonde Londoner portrays a slasher in the style of Jack the Ripper.  Shot in Ireland, set in Rhode Island (don't know why), we have a gory tale of a psycho who believes her treating psychiatrist is the aforementioned serial killer. Though the acting in this thriller is weak, Ms. Kensit's performance is haunting and alluring. Beautifully filmed in Galway, with tons of gore, "Bad Karma" is a film worthwhile purely because of Patsy Kensit.
Maureen (Kensit) believes she is the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper's accomplice.  Together, in 1888, the two of them lured young women to their doom.  Even more, Maureen also believes her doctor, Trey (Patrick Muldoon), is Jack reincarnated.  Her goal is to rekindle their 19th century demented love affair, in the 21st century.  As Trey goes off on a vacation to a scenic island with his gorgeous wife, Carly (Amy Locane) and daughter, Teresa (Aimee O'Sullivan), Maureen uses her demented wits to pull off a blood curdling escape.  In her escape, she will bite the tongue off of a doctor, cut the throat of a beautiful security guard, and rip the heart out of a nurse. She keeps the organs, for some unthinkable purpose.  Maureen is pure evil, and will seduce a skank, kill her, and attempt to switch identities with the poor lass.  Then Maureen heads to the island to reunite with her centuries old lover.
Now on the island, Maureen makes a move for Trey's family....as she sees them as speed bumps on the way to joining with Jack. After Trey is lured off the island, Maureen pays his family a visit, which will have bloody results, as Teresa's hot babysitter will find out.  As Trey rushes back to the island to protect his family, Maureen is already making mincemeat out of the Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police, and whoever else gets in her way.  Now focused on dissecting Carly and Teresa, Maureen uses them as bait to lure her old love.  Uh oh!  Is Maureen really a psycho?  Is there any truth to her belief that she is the reincarnation of Jack's accomplice?  Has anyone ever been reincarnated who was a worthless schmuck in a previous life?
Whether it be in an orange prison uniform, a policewoman uniform, as a security guard, a bar skank, or a well meaning neighbor, whichever identity Ms. Kensit takes on has alluring results for the viewer. Perhaps because of this, and the annoying other characters, we the viewer almost side with this supposed psycho   Don't be fooled, "Bad Karma" is made by Ms. Kensit's performance and tons of gore.  Available on Netflix, treat yourself to a film featuring a truly beautiful actress.

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