Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Skinwalkers, Rhona Mitra vs. a Werewolf Motorcycle Gang

An automatic weapon weilding werewolf motorcycle gang.  Rival lycanthrope packs.  A pistol packing grannie.  A cat-fight between Rhona Mitra and Natassia Malthe.  Lots of fangs.  Largely ignored by critics and moviegoers, 2006's "Skinwalkers" is a film that you need to move to the top of your watch-list.  This straight to DVD masterpiece marks the second time Rhona Mitra has been featured on this blog (see my review of "Doomsday" over a year ago, November 23, 2013).  Natassia Malthe is making her fifth appearance, in addition to a couple of the "BloodRayne" films, see my review of "Vampire Wars" (also over a year ago, November 15, 2013).
As our story commences, a pack of shapeshifters led by Varek (Jason Behr) is seeking a boy about to hit his 13th birthday.  Legend has it, if this half human/half lycan boy reaches that birthday, a curse will be removed.  This curse means an entire race of people become werewolves during full moons.  However, to Varek, and his gang.....they enjoy becoming werewolves and hunting humans.  Thus Varek endeavors to kill the boy before the birthday.  He is joined by a motley crew, including Sonja (Natassia Malthe), who is his main-squeeze.  The pack rides into town with a mission.  Interestingly enough, the small town is mobilized to protect the boy.  Though all the townspeople know what is about to happen, the boy, and his mother, Rachel Talbot (Rhona Mitra) are clueless.  A war erupts, and an epic battle commences.  Rachel and her son are whisked away by some relatives in a werewolf truck.  On the run, Rachel's kinfolk let her in on the secret...which she doesn't handle all too well.  Go figure.
Now on the run, Varek and Sonja, and their compadres, are closing the gap.  Rachel's son has an asthma attack and she has to bring him to the hospital.  At the hospital, the very beautiful Nurse Sally (Ramona Pringle) cares for him.  Unfortunately for Nurse Sally, clad in a nifty white nurse's outfit, Sonja (pictured above wearing Nurse Sally's whites) arrives and murders her.  As Sonja dons the nurse's outfit, which Sally no longer needs, and makes a move on the boy...she gets in a fight with Rachel.  Rachel and the boy escape, but now Varek and company are right on their tails.  Varek is able to pick-off  Rachel's protectors, one by one, setting up a final showdown.  Startling revelations are revealed regarding Varek's identity which make killing Rachel a priority for Sonja.

Will the boy reach his 13th birthday, thus removing the werewolf curse?  Will the beautiful Rachel and the luscious Sonja meet in a rematch?  Of course!  What are Varek's true intentions?  "Skinwalkers" has neat battle scenes, exciting chases, sexy characters, vicious werewolves, and some neat twists.  The acting is terrific, as Ms. Mitra portrays a caring and frightened mother perfectly.  Fans of Ms. Mitra and Ms. Malthe will not want to miss this film.   

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