Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fascination, Seduction Masquerades as Death

Once again, with 1979's "Fascination," we examine a Jean Rollin film (See my review of "Killing Car" from October 7th).  If Hammer's "Vampire Lovers" (reviewed here on October 25th) was a playful film about lesbian vampires, "Fascination" is a risque trek into surreal eroticism, a la Jean Rollin.  Every single line or movement by Brigitte Lahaie (Eva) or Franca Mai (Elisabeth) oozes of seduction and want.  This is a vampire story that will stay with you, not only in your dreams, but on your way to a cold shower.
The plot:  Marc (Jean-Marie Lemaire) has just ripped off his gang after a heist.  Pursued by his angry cohorts, he finds refuge in a mysterious, Gothic castle in France.  As he invades the castle, he captures Eva and Elisabeth.  These two women, pictured above, are lesbian lovers, so when Marc locks them in their bedroom, these two vixens engage in some pretty steamy sex with each other.  They are also smarter than Marc, and get loose and begin a battle of wits with the handsome thief.  The women conspire and Eva seduces him while Elisabeth gets the gun.  As Elisabeth goes for the gun, she becomes most jealous when she notices that Eva is having too much ecstasy with Marc during passionate intercourse.  Uh oh, Marc's cohorts, who he betrayed, bust in, and they want the loot.  Eva brings them into the stables where she seduces them, and then neutralizes them.  Eva is not only adept at sex, but also with a scythe (see photo below).  After seeing the two babes engage in homicide, Marc wonders what he has gotten himself into.  Because they have lots of sex with each other, and him, he doesn't think too much about it.
Elisabeth is falling in love with Marc, and now Eva is jealous.  Unfortunately for Marc, the two women have plans for him.  It becomes apparent that they are keeping Marc at the castle, as they distract him every time he attempts to leave.  The seductresses mention to him that some female friends are arriving after dark (clue).  The sultry guests do arrive and prepare for a midnight ritual.  So taken with the beauty and erotic behavior of the women in the castle, Marc ignores a myriad of clues that hint at his doom.  As the after dark festivities get underway, Marc is lulled into a false sense of security as the women act as his sex slaves.  He looks at them with lust, and the femmes look at him as a doberman views a lamb chop.    
The finale has some neat surprises.  Does Elisabeth love Marc or Eva?  What weird rite will occur at midnight?  Does the street wise Marc have any hope of survival against these hungry lovelies?  The scenes between Eva and Elisabeth are steamy, and so are the scenes with Eva and Marc, and Eva with her unwitting prey.  Though Marc is warned by Helene (Fanny Magier), one of the guests, "Beware, death sometimes takes the form of seduction," he can't tear himself away from an evening of erotic delight.  Available on Netflix, submit yourself to the spell of some very sexy vampires.


  1. You can't beat a lesbian vampire for simmering sex appeal! Another cool review!

  2. This is another Rollin film I haven't yet seen, I'm woefully behind when it comes to him & have only seen a couple of his films & lately I'm appreciating arty languid horror more so will make a point of seeing it, nice review as always mate.

  3. Sex & a scythe? Awesome!Interesting film. Terrific review!