Friday, November 28, 2014

Cheerleader Massacre 2, GRATUITOUS NUDE SHOWER SCENE Cinema

Ben (Michael Addison) sums it up best in 2011's "Cheerleader Massacre 2."  The hunk extols, "I have two words for you...INCREDIBLY HOT CHEERLEADERS."  All mathematics aside, Ben has a point.  Unlike "Cheerleader Massacre" (reviewed on this blog on Sept. 1st), the sequel adds a bit of science fiction  into the plot of this horror film.  After all, what would a GRATUITOUS NUDE SHOWER SCENE be without robotic insect creatures thirsting for cheerleader blood?  Like it's predecessor, this film is a throwback to the 1980s slasher film, with the usual suspects; a babe who did not make the cheerleading squad, a creepy maintenance man, a perverted camp director, his jealous babe girlfriend, a screw driver wielding babe-psycho, and killer NSA-created-blade-wielding drones run amok.
As our film begins a really shapely cheerleading team is on a bus headed to a camp to compete in a competition.  Insert a GRATUITOUS CONTORTION SCENE.  The bus never makes it as it is attacked by a blade-wielding drone.  This drone chases down each cheerleader and slices them into little pieces.   Here we cut away for a GRATUITOUS CHEERLEADER IN THE BATHTUB SCENE. The other team actually makes it to camp.  The cheerleaders are all conceited b@#%$ except for Anna (Julia Lehman).  Anna holds down a part time job and needs the competition to win scholarship money.  Her best friend is the lovely, but embittered Janice (Michele Boyd) who drives her to the camp.  Insert a GRATUITOUS CHEERLEADER SHOWER SCENE (see photo below).  Janice did not make the squad.  At the camp they meet their coaches, college cheerleaders who will judge their routines.  Then more killings occur.  A shapely coach is electrocuted in the shower.  Another coach is killed during a GRATUITOUS SEX SCENE, and so is her boyfriend, by a robotic scorpion.
As the cheerleaders, and their beautiful coaches are disassembled by maniacal insect drones, their boyfriends arrive.  These dweebs are cut up pretty quickly but not before some GRATUITOUS MAKE-OUT SCENES.  With phone lines cut, vehicles disabled, boys pureed, Anna and a few survivors flee through the woods with the mechanical monsters on their tails.  As the evil force behind these murders is revealed ("No cheerleader is innocent" is the mantra), Anna begins to fight back.  Will Anna be able to defeat the homicidal menace?  What are the motives for murdering these lovelies?  Jealousy?  Misogyny?  Eliminating competition? World Peace?  The answer is finally revealed, and it is a shocking one.
All of the actresses are stunning.  Julia Lehman is terrific and so is Jennifer Titus who plays an investigative reporter.  From a strictly "guilty-pleasure mindset" this film succeeds.  Not for everyone, but as the Christmas season approaches, and you get ready to watch "Miracle on 34th Street" a dozen times, "Cheerleader Massacre 2" may serve as needed therapy.  This film is available on Netflix.

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