Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bonus: Glen or the Bride of the Night of the Plan 9 from Outer Space, a homage to Ed Wood

In a special Black Friday edition of this blog, I've decided to look at a creation of Jesse Berger.  Mr. Berger has taken films of Ed Wood, Jr. (primarily "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Glen or Glenda"), spliced them up, and sewn together a mishmash of scenes to present a story worthy of the 1950s B Movie genre.  Fans of the unique Ed Wood, Jr, and his films, will enjoy this tribute.  Choppy, uneven, and ridiculous, this DVD has captured the essence of Ed Wood, Jr.
The plot:  Perhaps the plot of Ed Wood, Jr.'s films is secondary, but let's give this a try. Glen (Edward D. Wood, Jr.) is tormented by his evil, mad-scientist, father (Bela Lugosi). The dad has ominous plans for his son, who he despises.  Glen seems to be under the spell of this lunatic which causes him to commit unspeakable crimes and live an alternate life, secret from his beautiful fiance.  Desiring to romance his beautiful blonde main-squeeze, his dad's spell dooms Glen to a loop, doomed to repeat weird behavior.  Oh yes, the evil dad has his lab on a fleet of space ships....of course.
After several crimes, the police get involved.  Inspector Clay (Tor Johnson) heads up the investigation.  Empowered with evil forces, and trance-like, Glen proves a formidable foe for law enforcement.  In a move of genius, the cops consult a psychologist in order to profile Glen.  What the shrink is able to tell them is shocking....  Armed with this new knowledge, a strategy is developed to help Glen free himself from his evil father.  At least, that's my take on the plot.  Like Ed Wood, Jr. and Jesse Berger, their films invite your own imagination to fill in blanks.  
Ed Wood, Jr.was a very interesting man, and his films are still enjoyed six decades after their creation.  Fans of these films will enjoy Mr. Berger's tribute to this cult icon.  To purchase this as a Christmas gift for the B Movie fan, check out this address . This 25 minute film is accompanied by some interesting supplemental features on the DVD.  Congratulations to Jesse Berger for keeping Ed Wood, Jr.'s spirit alive, especially as we look for unique gifts this holiday season.   

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