Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Killing Car, Hot Asian Chick Mows Down French Babes

Tiki Tsang was a wonderful actress.  Born in Queensland, Australia, she moved to Paris and was quickly cast as the mysterious gun-woman in Jean Rollin's "Killing Car" (aka "Femme Dangereuse"). This 1993 film was shot in 1989 over the span of seven days.  This would be Ms. Tsang's only film.  French director, Rollin, made lots of horror movies and often interjected lesbian scenes.  Though this film resembles "Ms. 45" and "Death Wish" more than anything supernatural, the eeriness which Rollin is famous comes through in intense fashion.
The plot:  A mysterious Asian woman arrives at a junk yard.  After she seduces the owner, she shoots him at point blank range.  The owner's scantily dressed buxom girlfriend grabs a gun and the two femmes get in a gunfight.  Realizing she is over matched, the girlfriend flees and meets four prostitutes by the side of the road.  Our protagonist finds them and chases all five of these seductively clad young women and shoots them to death one by one.  This woman also drove off the junk yard with an old, green American car.  Next she meets up with a gangster and his hot, girlfriend.  She offs both of them.  These are in fact morality tales, and the girlfriend was actually married to another man.  She waits, and the gangster's right hand man arrives, and she shoots him to death.  While shooting this one to death, his hot girlfriend decides to strip to her intimates.....before our hot Asian chick impales her to a barn door with a pitch fork.  All this is quite titillating on the screen...don't ask why.   
Next up, two really hot lesbians.  Posing as a model, our femme fatale shows up at Pascale's studio.  When the sexy but experimental Pascale introduces Barbara into the photo-shoot (and perhaps a threesome), they are offed by our Asian assailant.  I know this is gratuitous, and that is probably the reason this film gets such bad reviews...but it is so much fun!  She'll pose as an exotic dancer next and off more hot chicks.  I know this begs an obvious question.....WHY?  Something awful happened one years ago...but what?....and our victims all had something to do with it. Our only clue is the green car she stole in the opening scene.  The two detectives on the case are too bumbling to pose any serious threat to our beautiful mystery woman.  There will be over 20 murders in this less than 90 minute revenge epic.
Though the ending isn't too unpredictable, a few plot twists introduce a macabre flavor to this shoot-em-up fest.  Tiki Tsang is beautiful, sensual, and enigmatic.  When she is on the screen in either tall leather boots, revealing blouses, tight pants, exotic costumes, or a flowing gown, the viewer can't take their eyes off of her.  If anyone knows what ever happened to Ms. Tsang, please fill me in.  It is a great mystery as to why this is her only film.  Available on Netflix, you're not gonna want to miss this French pseudo-masterpiece.


  1. 20 murders in 90 minutes. Ms. Tsang is busy. She has great scheduling skills. Of course, she is offing hot chicks. It is the 70s. Boobs, big guns....oh & boots!

    1. Logic and Jean Rollin are like oil and water; they don't mix well in the first place and will eventually go their separate ways. :p