Monday, October 13, 2014

Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice, More Rape and More Revenge in the Swamp

14 years after "'Gator Bait" graced the drive-in theaters, "Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice" was released. Because of the untimely death of Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings, this movie stars the daughter of the directors,  Jan Sebastian.  Fans of "American Angels Ladies Wrestling" might remember Ms. Sebastian as Luscious Lisa.  Also known as Jan MacKenzie, she is the daughter of Beverly and Ferd Sebastian, who also directed the original "'Gator Bait."  However raunchy these two films are, life presents some unexpected turns.  After suffering serious heart problems, Mr. Sebastian found God and became an ordained minister (I guess we won't see a third "'Gator Bait" film).  It is not known if his congregation has seen these two movies.
Over a decade removed from when Claudia Jennings dispatched a bunch of rapist rednecks, Angelique (MacKenzie) arrives in the swamp to marry Big T (Tray Loren).  In the first film, Big T was Little T, the little mute brother of Desiree, who watched his other sister get rifle-raped.  Our heroine is a city girl, and is not properly schooled in the ways of the bayou.  After a Cajun wedding (not quite rivaling the wedding scene that opens "The Godfather"), our love birds take a swamp boat and find an isolated cabin.  There, they have lots of sex (...with the benefit of clergy) and Big T teaches Angelique swamp living.  He schools her on shooting rifles, catching food, calling gators, setting traps, steering a swamp boat, and self-defense.  She schools him on some rigorous sex.  The newlyweds are about to be thrown into a horror story.  Big T's rivals want revenge for something and set out to find our couple....which they do.
Our swamp rats find Angelique getting out of a tub all wet and naked.  They grab her and proceed to humiliate her.  First they pass her around naked and force her to put on her wedding night lingerie, then proceed to to take her back to their lair.  Big T arrives, and the gang shoots him and leaves him for dead in the swamp.  Once back at their lair, the redneck brutes chain her down and one by one, rape her.  As the third rapist takes his turn, she escapes.  Believing Big T is gator food, she utilizes the skills taught to her on her honeymoon and begins stalking her tormentors.  She uses her marksmanship, swamp boat, and a sack filled with venomous vipers to inflict gory and unimaginable revenge. Despite being raped, she does not cower, and instead turns into an unmerciful killing machine.
Is Big T really dead?  Was it awkward to film one's daughter being stripped and humiliated?  Is there a sermon that addresses this?  This 1988 film premiered as drive-in theaters were facing extinction, thus the popularity of this sequel was minimal.  However, in the true spirit of the sexploitation and revenge genre of the 1970s, the second "Gator Bait" film is a worthy sequel.  Available on YouTube, fans of the first one will want to see this.  Below are links to Luscious Lisa getting humiliated.

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