Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flukt, On the Run in Norway

2012's "Flukt" ("Escape" in English) is the third film starring Ingrid Bolso Berdal to be featured on this blog (also see "Cold Prey" on Jan. 28, and "Cold Prey 2" on Feb. 3).  This is also the fourth work on my blog filmed in Norway.  I thank both Norway and Ingrid Bolso Berdal for helping make this blog the raging success it is.  Add in swords, crossbows, knives, spears, and booby traps and we have a movie for the discriminating B Movie fan.
The plot:  The year is 1363!  With all that happened around the world in that year, it is easy to forget that Norwegians were trying to rebuild their civilization after the black death.  Signe (Isabel Christine Andreasen), her brother, and parents are venturing out to start a new life. They won't get far, as Dagmar (Berdal) and her gang massacre the family, killing them all in front of Signe.  Signe (see picture above) is taken prisoner because Dagmar wants to give her so-called daughter, Frigg (Mila Olin) a baby sister.  Dagmar intends to let each of her four thugs rape Signe until she is impregnated.  Dagmar cannot bare children of her own, but is bent on being Frigg's mommy, and having Frigg call her mommy.  Sounds pretty warped, huh?  Later in the movie, it is explained in eerie fashion why Dagmar is obsessed with this plan.  Frigg befriends Signe and helps her escape.  Now the two girls are on the run from crossbow wielding Dagmar (see picture below) and her henchmen.  Oh by the way, did I mention they are cannibals?
Now the chase is on.  "Flukt" then takes on the flavor of a John Boorman film, as director Roar Uthaug does a brilliant job utilizing the Norwegian mountain wilderness.  As Signe changes from a meek girl to a heroine who will do anything to maintain her virtue and protect her new friend, we see glimpses of Dagmar's past.  In one sense Dagmar is an evil being, but at the same time we feel sorry for her and all that she endured to become who she is now.  As the movie draws on, Dagmar becomes more human and Signe becomes more killer (almost reminiscent of Sarah Butler's performance in "I Spit on Your Grave"). The final scenes are vicious and beautiful at the same time.
Again, Ingrid Bolso Berdal turns in a remarkable performance as a very strong woman.  Like her performances in the "Cold Prey" movies, she has turned into a capable survivor after hellish events.  In a 90 minute movie, this is not easy.  Ms. Berdal has joined Ursula Andress and Barbara Bach as the most popular actresses on this blog, so hats off to her.  Known as "Escape" on Netflix, don't miss "Flukt."     

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