Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Asian School Girls, Rape, Torture, and Revenge in L.A.

An American movie capitalizing on the popularity of Japanese sexploitation is our selection today....2014's "Asian School Girls."  This is one of those films that most who watch it on Netflix will not admit it. Can you imagine going into work and and some lady tells you that she and her book club are reading "The Bridges of Madison County," and your response is "Cool, I just watched 'Asian School Girls,' on Netflix." Sort of a conversation stopper, right before you are reported to Human Resources.  So, instead of confessing that you viewed this film, now read the rest of this entry and claim "you merely read about 'Asian School Girls.'
Four Asian-American high school girls, Hannah (Sam Aotaki), May (Catherine Hyein Kim), Suzy (Belle Hengsathorn), and Vivian (Minnie Scarlet) decide to grab some fake IDs and go nightclubbing.  As they get all decked out in slinky wardrobes, and false eyelashes, these girls look the 21 years of age their IDs say they are.  Wes (Andrew Callahan) and Steve (Lucas Davis) find them like a shark finds ground beef.  After charming them, the two studs convince the girls to join them at a party.  Unfortunately, after our quartet agrees, the drug that was slipped into their drinks takes effect.  The girls, tied up, wake up in a dirty hotel room and are gang raped.  Still under the influence of the drugs, they are then dumped on the side of the road.  After coming to, the girls are humiliated, and their humiliation continues at the police station, as the cops see how they were dressed, and comment on the drinking they did, and the drugs which are still in their systems. Suzy takes this humiliation the hardest, and jumps off the roof off the high school, ending it least for her.  
Hannah, May, and Vivian then decide to go on the offensive. Determined to make the men who raped them pay for their deeds, the now trio get jobs at a strip-club.  The girls know that Wes and Steve hang out there and are bent of finding them.  With generous tips, our girls are also able to buy lots of weapons like guns, throwing stars, knives, swords, and other sharp things.  Fortunately, they find Wes and Steve pretty quickly, as they were starting to enjoy there new careers as strippers.  Wes and Steve are only the beginning, after torturing and killing them, the amateur assassins continue on up into this crime syndicate which specializes in securing under-age girls for anyone who pays.  Their kills will approach two dozen before this film ends.  Many of the kills feature torture and castration.  As Hannah, May, and Vivian get good at killing, the crime syndicate goes after them.  The boss of the syndicate intends to capture them and surgically dismember our trio without anesthesia.  A final horrific showdown occurs when the boss gets the drop on the girls.  Will the beautiful vigilantes escape and exact vengeance on the evil crime lord, or will their need to take AP classes be dissolved?
Some of the more puritanical among us may ask, "Is there really any reason to watch 'Asian School Girls'?"  Well, my response would be, "Was there any real reason to watch 'Thor'?"  Perhaps not the most edifying of cinematic efforts, "Asian School Girls" is violent and unmerciful, and the actresses do a fine job.  I don't suggest anyone admits to enjoying this movie (though you will enjoy it), but do yourself a favor and catch it on Netflix the next time you are alone at home. 

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