Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blood Tide, Greek Virgins Beware

Miss USA 1970, Deborah Shelton, acted in her first movie in 1982's "Blood Tide." The green-eyed beauty flourished in the 80s in the TV show "Dallas," and as an ill-fated wife in Brian DePalma's "Body Double." This film showcases some of the most beautiful actresses of the 1980s, usually in states of undress.  In addition to Shelton, Lydia Cornell and Mary Louise Weller also star.  These three actresses steal the show from the male stars, James Earl Jones (who plays "a modern day Paul Robeson who spews Shakespeare") and Jose Ferrer who plays the mayor of a Greek island.  These three beauties are pictured below.
The plot:  Sherry (Weller) and Neil (Martin Kove) are on a pseudo honeymoon to an exotic Greek island.  The real purpose of this scamper is to find Neil's missing sister, Madeline (Shelton).  This good-looking couple meet the mayor (Ferrer) and surmise that he is lying when he states that he never has seen Madeline. The mayor keeps the island's secret.  In ancient times, an evil monster was kept at bay by feeding it virgin sacrifices.  Next stop, Frye (Jones).  Sherry and Neil follow a brunette, which ends up being Madeline, to a shack.  Madeline is described by Frye as "a screwed up virgin." Then Barbara, Frye's kinda girlfriend, enters.  Barbara likes doing nude aerobics, and like most 1980's characters who partake in nude aerobics, she is eventually killed by the monster.  Frye is also in the process of looting an underwater cave filled with ancient treasures.  
Frye then dives on this cave, but this time, brings explosives.  In the cave is a walled off entryway which Frye believes leads to more treasure.  Of course, he is wrong, as an ancient toothy sea beast dwells on the other side.  Now loose, the beast starts eating virgins, though the viewer might question the virginity of some of the ladies who are attacked.  Back to Madeline.  Indications are that an order of nuns are preparing her to be an ultimate sacrifice for the beast.  While in the convent, the former Miss USA finds a painting of the creature, which sports a humongous male sex organ.  After Barbara is killed while skinny dipping, Frye makes up his mind he is going to blow up the always aroused fiend.  At the same time, Neil and Sherry race to save Madeline from her destiny with the stamina monster.  
Will our honeymooners get to Madeline in time?  Are we supposed to believe that the lady in the white bikini (pictured above) is a virgin?  Shelton, in her first motion picture, turns in a very erotic performance...especially during the final scenes when, under a spell, she awaits the beast in an aroused state. Filmed in Greece, this is a very pleasing film to look at.  Though the creature has limited screen time, our three actresses have plenty.  See "Blood Tide" as you plan your next beach visit. 


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