Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Abductors, Raunchy Sexploitation from the 1970s

The sub-genre of sexploitation has been in existence since silent movies.  In their era, these films pushed the proverbial envelope and eventually the sensibilities of either government or industry censors.  1972's "The Abductors" did just that, however, even in 2014, some accuse this movie of being pornography.  So-called social activists in the 1970s criticized these films as being demeaning to women and promoting misogyny. Cheri Caffaro, who stars as Ginger our heroine, believed that her portrayal actually empowered women.  Doing her own stunts, Caffaro's portrayal as a "female James Bond" often overpowered men, and used sex to demean the male villains.  Caffaro currently lives in L.A. and raises bees.  Shot in New Jersey, heavy on nudity, rape, torture, and carnal relations, I'll let you make up your own mind on "The Abductors."
The Abductors kidnap beautiful young women (usually beauty pageant winners and cheerleaders), break their will, then sell them as "mistresses in bondage" to very wealthy bald guys.  As the movie opens three cheerleaders (see above photo) are abducted from their car, beaten, forced to strip, and tied up.  They are brought to a house where they are humiliated and brainwashed.  Disobedience, as showed by our pageant winner, results in painful torture.  Ginger (see below photo) is put on the case.  As she starts nosing around the area where the girls were abducted, she befriends Ken, a handsome advertising executive (Richard Smedley).  Ginger realizes that all the girls had newspaper publicity just before their abductions.  A beautiful detective from L.A., Carter Winston (Laurie Rose) is then employed to act as an actress on vacation.  Ginger believes that she will then become a target of the mysterious gang.  
Unfortunately for Carter, Ginger is right.  The abductors grab her from her hotel room and get away before Ginger can help.  As Carter's will is broken, Ginger goes on the offensive and turns the tables on this gang. Ginger grabs one of the abductors and does the same to him.  Now Ginger knows all about her foes, but the abductors then grab Ginger.  Together, Carter and Ginger, are then prepped as the other victims were (see below photo).  Unfortunately for Ginger, she was betrayed by Ken, who is one of the top abductors, in a most embarrassing fashion.  Ginger escapes, but Carter is not so fortunate.  Ginger then plots a final assault on her tormentors, but can she get them before the victims and Carter are sold into humiliating bondage?
"The Abductors," degrading to women, or empowering?  Caffaro, an advocate of martial arts training for women, is adamant that this work portrays women, ultimately, in a powerful light.  Are the critics of this film sage, or prudes?  One may also argue that the treatment of women in this film is metamorphic of how our civilization views women.  The discussion points are endless, but be careful where you bring up this discussion.  The acting is good, the dialog is witty, and our female stars are captivating.  Whether you make an effort to see this work........entirely up to you.      


  1. I have never seen this one before.

  2. Really? People need to relax. Most people (including those of the female persuasion) have fantasies about all kind of things that they would not necessarily do (or want to have done to them) in "real life ". I don't think indulging a fantasy by watching a movie demeans anyone. As for "empowering"... that's an overused word. I think it might have been invented by undersexed feminists.