Friday, November 15, 2013

Vampire Wars, What Star Wars Shoulda Been

I saw Vampire Wars (2005) on the Syfy channel, but at the time it was called Bloodsuckers.  So impressive it was that I went to Amazon and ordered the DVD.  The plot, again fairly original, a band of intergalactic sanitation workers is tasked with cleaning up the universe.....not from trash, though.  The V-San (Vampire Sanitation) crew is hunting vampire species.  Of late, the different vampire species have waged bloody war against humans, especially the ones that are attempting to colonize.
This intergalactic crew is very successful and is made up of several salty veteran vampire hunters which eventually are led by Joe Lando (Special Unit 2).  Lando is a terrific actor and assumes the role of the crew's leader.  His inexperience is viewed, by the crew, as the reason their original captain met his demise during a vampire hunt.  Because of its success, a very plotting vampire lures the crew to a remote planet where he and his other vampire friends plan an ambush.
The most appealing character is Quintana (played by Natassia Malthe, who played Rayne in the final two Bloodrayne movies).  She is half human and half vampire and her psychic abilities are key in tracking vampires.  Like the Joe Lando character, her cohorts do not trust her, believing her vampire side is more dominant.  She is clad in a nice black leather outfit, and you guys out there will be impressed. Tough as she has to be, and very equipped to kill.
The vampires are impressive.  Several different species of them are portrayed, all hideous and able to do very gory things.  My favorite were the oversized maggot vampires which explode out of the corpse they take over.  The gore and Ms. Malthe's allure are the strengths of this terrific scifi/horror film. This is a movie not to be missed.

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