Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blood Runs Cold, awful, but gotta like it!

Blood Runs Cold (2011) is a low budget horror movie set in wintery Sweden.  Low Budget in the truest sense of the word, $5,000.  I despised this movie until I heard it's price tag.  So much wrong with it, so let's start there.

Good plot.  Exhausted Swedish pop singer, Winona (mercifully we do not get to hear her sing) rents a remote cottage in the wilds of Sweden.  Little does she know, underneath it lives a cannibalistic psycho with an axe.  She brings three friends home from a bar one night, and the carnage begins.  Very gruesome carnage I might add of the axe and cannibal kind.  Her three very annoying friends then do really stupid stuff and get what really stupid people usually get in these types of movies.  Our heroine sleeps through it all and when she wakes, no one is around.  Before eating her Corn Flakes, she scrubs up gallons of blood from the living room, totally missing this as a sign that evil has done in her comrades.  Then she does eat her Corn Flakes. 

Then the last 20 minutes of this film occur.  Winona, shortly after the cannibal begins stalking her, fights back and does her own hunting.  As stupid as the first 55 minutes of this film is, I was cheering for our heroine during the last 20.  For $5000, the acting is surprisingly good, and the gore f/x will turn your stomach. 

Say what you want, but again, this movie is better than anything Kevin Costner or Harrison Ford have done over the past 25 years.

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