Monday, November 18, 2013

Parasite, Demi Moore's Best Movie

I remember seeing Parasite (1982) in 3D at a movie theater in Dedham, Massachusetts when it first came out.  I thoroughly enjoyed it then, and even the DVD copy I have now is enjoyable.  Back in 1982, it boasted of having "that chick from General Hospital" in it.  I was more interested in the 18 inch worm with shark teeth that exploded out of it's victims.  To ensure this movie's place in the B Movie Hall Of Fame, is the fact that it was produced and directed by Charles Band.....enough said.
The plot is classic B movie, our country has been reduced to an atomic wasteland with few towns dotting the map.  A military government with evil intentions rules. This government's main purpose is to produce biological weapons for whatever reason.  Our protagonist, Dr. Paul Dean, is a government scientist who escapes from his lab with his creation, and the government wants it back.  They pursue him.  Unfortunately for him, his creation is not only in a menacing looking thermos, but one has nested inside his gut.  Dr. Dean knows the ramifications if the government lets his parasite loose on the population.  Dr. Dean must find a way to kill the parasite inside him before it explodes out of him.  Naturally the one in the thermos gets out thanks to an unfortunate, idiotic biker gang, and we get to see the carnage it produces in wonderful 3D.
Demi Moore befriends Dr. Paul Dean when he shows up in her town looking sad.  Her character is an orange grower, and she is very enthusiastic about orange juice.  What a team!  Together they put together a makeshift lab, and attempt to find a way to kill the parasite inside Dr. Paul Dean.  Lots of fun all the way around.  For those of you looking for an alternative to "The King's Speech", this movie is for you.

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  1. Thanks for the pleasant horrific walk down Demi lane, Chris. I fondly recalled this one as your review unfolded.
    All I can say about this mutant nuke worm of a foot plus six is that he knew what he wanted. Apparently, it was a ravenous he, and the dog of a worm recognized a prime rib actress was in its intended toothy reach.